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  • My title pretty much says it all. I’m basically trying to have a list of authors in my sidebar without any list styling. This issue was posted in Alpha/Beta earlier, but it doesn’t appear to have been resolved, or has arisen again in 2.8.4. I’m currently using Simon Wheatley’s Author Listing plugin, with modifications, to do the job that I’m trying to do with <?php wp_list_authors(‘style=none’); ?>.


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  • If you don’t want list styling, just edit your stylesheet to indicate

    list-style: none;

    That should just return a list like this:


    Thanks junimueller. That does work. The WordPress documentation states that I should be able to set the style variable in the wp_list_authors function as I did above. To my mind, that’s a cleaner approach than adding extra styles to my stylesheet . . . and it’s actually supposed to work. As such, it constitutes a bug in the current build.

    That’s not how I understood the documentation. If you set style=none, this just means it won’t be presented as an unordered list. Period. I could be wrong. It’s happened before. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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