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    nevermind! sorry i got the format plugin working, i couldnt get it before! sorryyyyy


    Okay, when I’m coding my blog, and i put <?php the_content(); ?> it shows the entry’s content, but like it seems that its in it’s own little div thing.

    For example if i put something like:
    <?php the_date(); ?><?php the_date(); ?>

    (putting it twice without any gaps)

    it will show up as

    December 12 2005December 12 2005

    (running the two together with no gaps)

    BUT if i put something like

    <?php the_content(); ?><?php the_content(); ?>

    it makes it look like

    hello this is my post

    hello this is my post

    (it puts like an unselectable gap in between instead of putting it right up against the other)

    It’s not anything to do with my css, because it does the same thign on a plain standard CSSless page.

    Is there a way I can get rid of this gap? It’s putting a big gap in between my date and my content and my comments

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  • Do you have a link to a sample page, or can you post some of the markup?
    For there to be a “gap,” there must be something appearing in the html, such as <br /> or <p> tags, which might be part of the content of your posts.

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