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  • Hi all WordPress fellas. I have recently updated to WordPress 2.1 and have been having problems with the code editor when I try to embed YouTube videos. When I insert the code and save while editing I can see it working but when I get it published the code is automatically changed and <embed> tags are swapped for <ibed> for some reason I still can’t figure out. A friend of mine is having the exact same problem. Anyone found similar problems? Any clues or fixes around? Thanks in advance =)

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  • If you’re going to just plop ’em into the post editor, turn of the wysiwyg editor first (Users -> Your Profile, top checkbox if 2.1, bottom checkbox if 2.0.x)

    There are several plugins (a search here will turn ’em up) that will make adding those easier.

    I have gone thru 4 plugins to embed video with mixed (usually buggy) results until I decided the easiest way to add videos is just copy&paste the embedding code in the post editor – still didn’t expect the WYSIWYG editor would change the <embed> tags by itself. I wish I could be able to use the visual editor but as you suggested maybe the best is to turn it off and do things oldscool until the issues are solved 😉

    I have just found out a catch to the bug and a way of avoiding this problem: paste the embedding code in the code tab of the editor and do not “save and continue editing”, just “save”, and the embedded code will render ok – just don’t try to re-edit the same post in the code mode or it will screw things up again =)

    I have just noticed the same sort of problem happening with formatting as in this post, and avoided in the same way:

    “This will act as a pseudo fix allowing you to apply DIV tags manually but beware as if you try and re-edit the post your DIV tags will be replaced automatically by P tags once more.”

    The <embed> to <ibed> bug was something that tinyMCE fixed over a year ago in their 2.0 codebase, so I’m not sure why it’s happening in WP, unless they’re using a really old tinyMCE core.

    P.S. I think this bug only occurs in Firefox.

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    The tinymce.js file in 2.1 says the following:

    this.majorVersion = "2";
    this.minorVersion = "0.8";
    this.releaseDate = "2006-10-23";

    “Fixed bug where embed elements was converted into ibed elements.”

    From 2.1 changelog :

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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