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  • Hey guys, the line of code in the title of this thread, <div id=”content”>, is the code that I have a couple of questions on. First of all, specifically what is this line of code used for? Second, when this line of code is on the page.php, my theme content displays properly in IE 7 and FF. IE 6 displays my title and content beneath a large blank black area that is below the header. When I remove that line of code, IE 6 displays the theme perfectly while IE 7 and FF have the content displaying outside of the margins for the border it is in. Is there a way to appeal to both IE 6 and 7 using any other code or by removing something, somewhere?


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  • Can anyone assist me with this? I have yet to figure it out. I’m still playing around with the code to see if I can get the webpages to display properly on both IE 6 and 7. No luck so far.


    That code is a div tag most likely used to contain your content area.

    Read here to learn more about it:

    specifically what is this line of code used for?

    <div id="content"> is just the opening tag for the content div, which is the container in which all the content goes. The styling for it goes in the theme’s style.css stylesheet. For every opening div there needs to be a corresponding closing </div>, if the closing div is missing it would definitely cause display problems.

    It’s difficult to picture the problem you’re having – is it available somewhere so someone can take a look? Post a URL then it’ll be easier to see the problem you’ve got.

    Also, which theme are you using? One you created or one you’ve downloaded from somewhere?

    Using a theme I DL’d. The theme info name and author is: roadkill by Jinsona designs

    My URL is .

    (quakemedia); I’ll be sure to check that link out asap. Thanks

    Hi LSJ PUP,

    After one quick look at the homepage I’d say the trouble is with the CSS, not with the WordPress code. Take a look at the right hand nav in FF, then in IE6 – notice in IE6 how there’s more padding around the links and the whole nav bar is slighlty wider.

    Your content therefore hasn’t got room to fit in the space to the left, so it’s showing up in the first place it can find room – right where the navigation ends.

    I dare say the theme wasn’t tested in IE6. The problem can be fixed by playing around with the CSS – perhaps by doing something specific for < IE6 – and adjusting the padding/widths/margins on that right navigation. You’ll probably find the content will ‘pop’ into place before long.

    That’s my guess, having seen this problem loads of times, so I’d look into that first.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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