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  • For some reason, when I am writing a new page – I’ll skip down a line because want a line break there. Or maybe I’ll just put everything in a different paragraph. Well, it sure as hell doesn’t like staying that way. The second I post it, as soon as I go to view it, it’s like it takes out some of the line breaks and paragraphs I’ve put in there and munches all of the content together.

    So, then I tried doing it manually – by HTML. I painstakingly inserted a bunch of ‘<Br />’ and ”/’ as they should go. I thought that would solve the problem since I thought it was all an error with the WYSIWIG editor.
    Did that solve it? Nope. Now it’s still munching everything down and spits out line break and paragraph tags here and there.

    Without further delay, what the heck do I do?
    So much for having any pages that will have line breaks or paragraphs in them, WordPress just gets rid of most of them for no reason.

    What do I do, and can I fix this or am I going to have to live with ugly unproperly-formatted pages?

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  • Err.. for some reason on the forum it posts “‘<Br />’ and ”/'”, it was supposed to be (mind the spaces): “‘<Br />’ and ‘< P >’/ < / P >'”

    Oops, and sorry for the thread title.. I didn’t know that it would parse it so bizarrly.

    i can’t figure this out either. it’s driving me crazy

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