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  • I’ve been tracking this one for a while, and finally caught the common theme today. If I enter a url in a post that’s a top level site, like and including the trailing /, which is proper syntax, the </a> tag afterwards is deleted when I save the post. If I don’t append the /, like the entered html is saved exactly as entered.

    This happens on my 1.5.1 and my installation, in any number of themes, so I don’t think its a css problem. Not only does the saved post show the link as running until it encounters the next <a href> but when I go back in to edit, the </a> has been removed from the text of the post.

    Am I the only one encountering this?

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  • Could one or more text processing plugins be fighting? If you’re using Textile and/or Markdown (or anything else that formats your output), try disabling them and see if the problem goes away.

    That’s never happened to me with WP…

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