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  • Could I please have someone take a look at my site and see if you can figure out why the <!–more–> function isn’t working?
    It simply takes me to another page where only that post is showing, but it DOES NOT show the text after the (more…) link.
    It’s driving me nuts! 🙂

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  • Actually, here’s something I just noticed…I was visiting David Chaits site and noticed that in the code for the (more…) link, his HTML looks like this:
    a href=”index.php?p=6&more=1#more6″ MINE looks like this:
    a href=”index.php?p=6&amp;more=1#more6″
    Any idea where that darn extra amp; is coming from??

    Blast! I was just going to tell you about the extra amp…

    Look for this: function get_the_content
    in your b2template.functions.php it’s around line720 or so, depending on if you have hacks in it or not. It’s in the *****posts*****
    The may be the extra & in that entire function code. I think I had that on one blog. Sorry I can’t help you more!

    Thanks for the tip, but when I get into the code, I can’t really find anything that stands out as being the problem. I am not learned in PHP, but I have had PASCAL experience back in college days and I understand a lot of the logic and things, but to look at the code itself, nothing pops out at me.
    I’ll keep looking, though! Thanks for your help.

    weird, what’s not working? or did you just fix it? worked for me.

    It does not work for me in either Firebird or IE 6. On my test post, there are some lines of text that don’t show up when I click on the (more…) link. All that appears is all of the text that was written before the <!–more–> in the POST/EDIT form and the (more…) link.
    I have not done anything to my b2template.functions.php file. No hacks have been installed and no settings have been changed.
    Have you ever seen a NuclearMoose lose it and go berserk? LOL!

    Hey moosey –
    Your post from my site was incorrect, it’s actually just
    … index.php?p=6&more=1#more6
    Soooo.. looks like your [$querystring_separator] is totally whacked for some reason. I’m not sure where that’s defined (figured you can take that next step), but that’s the thing inserted inbetween the href pieces.
    Hope that helps,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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