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  • I’m sorry, I’m a bit knockred at the moment and I don’t know all the pretty words you lovely people use. . So please laugh not too loudlywhen I ask:

    Say that I want to post about my weekend,.. I know that some topics will be of no interest to some, but thevery reason for exising for others. I do not want my readers to have to slog through things that bore them, to find the things they want.

    So! I would like to write a post like this:

    TITLE: Weekend of Debauchery
    First Paragraph: Friday night started at Hugh Heffner’s mansion
    blah blah blah wha6t happened naked ladies ***(some sort of “undo more” right here!)***

    Secondparagraph: When the SWAT team showed up, we hid in the third wine cellar to the back, where we found…
    blah blah blah it was amazing !–endmorep–

    Thirdparagraph: After we got dried off, we realized that we were right next door to Paris Hilton’s apartment. Her door opened and out walked… !–more–blublbublublub!undomore

    4Para:After we hid the bodies, we went to get donuts, and ran into – guess who =!–more–blblblblblblblbl!–lessmore

    Does this make any sense? so that paragraphs can be behnd teh break, instead ofg the whold rest of hte post.

    siorry, i am drunk, (it’s my birthday, yay me! may not make sense.

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  • First, happy birthday (belated).

    As to your question, if I’m interpreting it correctly, you’re looking for the <!--nextpage--> quicktag, which when inserted into a post will paginate the text, so when published the post will be split into page 1, page 2, and so on. And unlike <!--more-->, the ‘nextpage’ quicktag can be used as many times as required in a single post.

    Note that it does require the link_pages() template tag exists in your theme templates to generate the page links.

    Finally, try not to blog drunk. :)

    Heh…. KafkaesquĆ­, there are MANY worse things one can do drunk than blog….

    True, but few involve having to read it afterwards…

    Being innundated with splogs lately, it might be refreshing to peruse a few drogs.

    *laughing* One up to you, Sam!

    I think I prefer the name dlogs. Then, if you can’t say it, you know you’ve had too much.

    Another good one! However, when did you ever know a drunk who KNEW s/he wasn’t able to say something properly?

    Once when it took me about thirty seconds to say “establishment,” I pretty much had the level of my inebriation figured out.

    You’d have probably done fine with “antidisestablishmentarianism”….

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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