• Let me preface this with the fact I love this product; that being said, on one of my clients sites, any update performed via WP Umbrella ends up causing an error and deleting that plugin. This is an issue exclusive to WP Umbrella, as I came from WP Remote and never had this issue.

    UPDATE: Issue resolved, see below.

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  • Hello Jim,

    Aurelio, the cofounder of WP Umbrella here! First of all, I feel sorry about what happened to you and your website!

    We use the native functions of WordPress (Bulk_upgrade) to update plugins, which mimic the behavior of a real human pushing the update button in WordPress backend – This tends to indicate that you might have another (and perhaps more serious) issue on this particular website, and that the bug you described is very unlikely linked to WP Umbrella.

    I couldn’t find any users named Jim Garner in our database, so please feel free to contact our support team with the appropriate info about the website impacted and we will do our best to look into this! Sharing any logs, would also greatly help!

    Warm regards,

    Thread Starter Jim Garner


    Hey Aurelio,

    Thanks for your responsiveness as usual!

    Thanks to your info here, ” mimic the behavior of a real human pushing the update button” I’ve had a look at what the issue might be with that specific process and found the culprit.

    For anyone else who finds this: WP Engine, the host in this case, insists on throwing up a popup on update confirming whether or not you want to backup the site before update each individual plugin, disabling this useless popup in the wp-config file fixed the issues I had entirely, tested on three updates now with no issues anymore. Changing my review to 5 stars – as aside from this issue, never had a single issue otherwise.

    Thanks again Aurelio,

    Jim Garner

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