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  • This is a fantastic plugin if you sell courses or you have content on your website that you don’t want someone to easily right-click copy/paste (steal) your content.

    I started selling an online course through LearnDash and just wanted to protect a book (long page of text) that was in one of my course lessons.

    When I could not figure out how to just secure this one lesson through LearnDash, I contacted support. They purchased their own copy of LearnDash for $199 just to help me figure it out… and I only paid $39 for their Secure Copy PRO version.

    This plugin is really simple to use and best of all, you can be specific on what you want to secure and protect. For example, if you just want to protect a certain page on your website from being copied, it gives you the option to just select that page. In my case, it gave me an option to just secure the one lesson I need to secure.

    This is vitally important because I would not recommend securing your entire website. Otherwise, visitors won’t be able to right-click a link to open another page or tab.

    I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me figure out how to secure my lessons in LearnDash.

    Thanks so much!

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