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  • Thank you, J Finch, for this plugin! It works very well and offers great features that few (if any) other plugins offer.

    What I love about it:
    Simple, fast, easy on/off maintenance mode.
    – Ability to specify a RANGE of IP addresses exempt from maintenance-mode blocking. Almost no other plugin does this, as far as I can tell.
    – The email code access key is brilliant…ensures I can get back into my own site if I accidentally lock my own IP out of it.
    – Ability to execute the maintenance mode despite the presence of other security plugins and login modifiers. (Other maintenance mode plugins that I’ve tried don’t work at all–including the Better WP Security plugin’s Away Mode–and I believe it is because I’ve also tweaked various file permissions and locations per various security plugins and login theming plugins…but JF3 still works properly, no problem.)
    – At least three maintenance mode display settings: Ability to give a bare bones away message, or serve up an entire html page (including any html code you want to include in it), or to redirect to another URL.

    Minor bugs:
    I’m noticing that the plugin’s settings page sometimes gets hung up and I have to navigate to some other page within the general admin panel, and then navigate back to the JF3 plugin settings page to un-hang it. The settings options also “hide” on occasion, and I have to change from “No maintenance mode” to “Yes maintenance mode” before all the settings options become visible. It all settles down again after I navigate in and out of the settings page a couple times, but it’s clearly a bit of a bug.

    Dream list for future features:
    – Ability to specify scheduled maintenance mode times in advance, which could occur on a one-time basis or on a daily basis. This is a feature of the Better WP Security plugin (which doesn’t work on my system, as described above), but it would be fantastic if JF3MR plugin had this.
    – Ability to simply block logging in and block access to the back end without locking out the entire site, and to also tie this to the scheduling feature described above. Lots of spam/malware/bot attacks seem to happen in the middle of the night, when no one needs to be logging into my site, anyway, and I’d love to just block the backend during certain days and times.

    Thanks again.

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