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  • I would love to see one thing updated.

    I use the comment pagination and i love it, however, the main problem with it is that when a new page is created for the article written, it duplicates the article, the page title, and the meta description. The search engines know this exists and have created a simple fix that Webmasters can implement to eliminate the duplicate content issue this creates. It is to add a rel=”next” and rel=”prev” link inside the document’s head (this link can help explain )

    The rel=canonical is not the way to go because it sends the signal not to index the page whereas the rel=next/prev index the pages and associates it with the articles first page — it eliminates the duplicate content issues.

    Is this a possible addition to future updates?


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  • Plugin Author Eric Martin


    Thanks for the feedback and glad you find the plugin useful!

    So, just to be clear, you are just asking for this to be implemented for the “page” pagination, not comments, correct? I’ll take a look and see what I can do.


    Actually, I was looking at the comments because that is what I use specifically, but I guess it should be an option for both.


    Plugin Author Eric Martin


    After further investigation, it looks like WordPress already does this. When I look at the source of a post, there is a prev/next link in the head.

    Let me know if I am missing something…

    Right, and I took that down because it isn’t doing what it should be doing (according to the Google article I posted). What it should be doing is connecting the pages that are related — meaning, the first page would have a rel=”next” to the second page, and the second page would have a rel=”next” to the third and a re=”prev” to the previous (in this example, back to the first page), and so on — the last page (the last comment page in this example) would have just the rel=”prev” link back to the next to last page.

    WordPress currently skips over the comment pages altogether.

    Here is one of the many pages on my site that has a ton of comments — right now it’s at 56 pages of them. So, right now, Google thinks I have 56 duplicate titles, etc..

    Navy Recruiting Medical Waiver Process

    Just checkin on progress, how is it coming? Is it possible?

    Is something in the works? This is a major issue; I need to do something about the amount of duplicate content that Google’s Webmaster Tools is telling me I have.

    Plugin Author Eric Martin


    I haven’t done anything because I’m still not sure how it would work. It makes sense to do this for a post that is paginated or for category/tag archives, but that would seem to conflict with also doing it for comments.

    According to yoast, comment pagination should be turned off.

    Perhaps an ajax solution would better suit your needs and prevent this issue? At this point, I do not have enough clarity to implement anything for WP-Paginate.

    Right, but I don’t have another option; I have to use comment pagination — I have some pages with well over 1000 comments; and the amount grows daily. The comments are the content, so in effect, each new comment page created is a new page of searchable/valuable content. What the rel=prev and rel=next tags in the <head> do is help the search engines realize that the attached pages are related and not duplicates.

    from the link I provided for Google concerning the implementation, “[It is a] Hint to Google [about] the relationship between the component URLs of your series with rel=”next” and rel=”prev”. This helps us more accurately index your content and serve to users the most relevant page (commonly the first page). Implementation details below.”

    For comment pagination, I think it is even more important to send the “hint” because those pages have a real shot at being considered duplicate. (I posted this question in the Google Webmaster Forum, and the rel=next and prev option is what was advised).

    As the page says, they will always strive to try and figure out the relationships on their own, and ultimately, that may be my only option — I still love your plug-in because it has allowed my content to become more conversational which in turn has made it a valued resource to those seeking enlistment. Thanks!

    Okay, I have been trying to figure this out for myself. Here is the code I have made so far that places a rel=next and prev in the head. I place the following into the head and everything works except I can’t figure out how to declare what the last comment page is so that only a rel=”prev” link shows on that page. I have extracted the portion of the code that I can’t seem to get working… Any ideas?

    <?php if ($cpage <1){ echo ('<link rel="next" href="'); echo esc_url(get_comments_pagenum_link()); echo('">');} elseif ($max_page && $cpage) {echo ('<link rel="prev" href="'); echo esc_url( get_comments_pagenum_link($cpage -1) ) ; echo('">');} elseif ($cpage) {echo ('<link rel="next" href="'); echo esc_url( get_comments_pagenum_link($cpage +1) ) ; echo('">'); echo ('<link rel="prev" href="'); echo esc_url( get_comments_pagenum_link($cpage -1) ) ; echo('">');}?>

    The problem code extracted from above:
    elseif ($max_page && $cpage) {echo ('<link rel="prev" href="'); echo esc_url( get_comments_pagenum_link($cpage -1) ) ; echo('">');}

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