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  • eclipsenow


    I heard Sitepoint podcast give a rave review of the new WordPress auto-updater. Sounds great!

    However, some of us less technical folk are so intimidated by all this installation stuff, that I have a wish list request.

    In addition to WordPress having browsing of extensions/modules whatever you want to call them, with 1-click installation (which is GREAT!!!!), I want more.

    I want a WordPress with bbpress fusion pack plug-in that not only installs the basic bbpress, but installs a “phpbb3 copy” plugin. In other words, instead of installing bbpress and then having to install 20 something modules to make it work like phpbb3, I’d like it to be a one-click install completely integrated with WordPress.

    why do I want this?
    Because while wordpress is ahead of Joomla in the one-click updater function, Joomla is heading into a fully integrated bb territory, and FAST, with Agora module plugin.

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