• I absolutely adore this plugin….however…..in that I have to FTP my updates to ALL my websites, the ridiculous number and frequency with which they continue to roll out updates is quickly making this my least favorite.

    The changes are minor and while I know I don’t have to update, I can’t stand seeing that red (1) staring at me each morning. But these almost daily updates are driving me insane!

    Unfortunately, I’ve started looking for an alternative plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Shareaholic


    Hi @rhoeffner thank you for posting your review.

    We hear you 🙂 Our intention is not to push out daily updates by any means. We try to minimize updates and test all the code thoroughly before each release. But sometimes, because of how many site use and trust Shareaholic, if an edge case bug slips in which affects even <1% of all sites, that adds up to thousands of sites… instead of waiting for days to release a patch, we try to push it out immediately.

    Our general philosophy is that if we’ve fixed a bug or simply have better, more efficient code ready — we may as well make it available to everyone vs. letting it sit around on our laptops. And it’s your choice to upgrade when convenient. I also know the notification can be a nag :/…. If it is an urgent/important release, we mention it in the changelog. Hope you understand…

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