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    Firstly, I should mention that I really love this plugin and the work which is being undertaken on Github and how quickly the plugin is being developed.
    However, I see multiple issues with this plugin being added to the core.
    I really hope that you guys, including Matt, did proper research into what people wanted in the first place.
    I want to keep this short, but also informative.
    My issues with Gutenberg:
    1, If you don’t care about small bloggers and websites, are you sure big corporations, like Coca-Cola, The New York Times and other want this plugin included in the WordPress core?
    2, If you are putting this into the core, are you confident enough that Gutenberg won’t impact release schedules beyond 5.0?
    Let me elaborate, you guys mentioned that you intend to include Gutenberg into the core ‘when it is ready’, most likely to be included in version 5.0, however minor bugs, future browser updates causing incompatibility and other potential issues along the way – in my own opinion – can and will make very hard to maintain the codebase of Gutenberg within the codebase of the WordPress core to resolve said issues. Upon resolving those issues everybody will have to update WordPress again, regardless if Gutenberg is switched off or not. Gutenberg, being included in the WordPress core may adversely affect the number of minor updates in a single year.

    You should really explore other opportunities regarding Gutenberg and the WordPress core. I see the reasons why you would like to include it, but including it directly into the WordPress core is just foolish.

    In order to keep Gutenberg relevant and bug-free you could adopt a new approach to Gutenberg.
    You could include Gutenberg as a ‘core plugin.’ A core plugin would be included in the default WordPress package, could be updated at any time through the plugins page, while it could not be deactivated through the WordPress plugins page. Site admins would have the means to delete it and remove its code, satisfying their cravings of not being forced to have Gutenberg.
    Making Gutenberg a ‘core plugin’ as described above is also going to support its ongoing development, making updating Gutenberg in the future with improvements and bug fixes a breeze

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  • I hadn’t thought about that. Instead of having a plugin to bring classic back, make Gutenberg a plugin but force it to be there by default and activated by default so that it’s still everyone’s initial experience and you don’t have to hunt for it.

    I have no idea how much work would be involved versus the plans now, but it seems fair as the next transitional phase.

    +1 more. Include it as an activated Plugin with new WP installs.

    That way you won’t risk breaking a few million auto-updating websites, and you will see if both new and old WP users are attracted to how great it becomes (hopefully).

    But for now, my recent experiments with Gutenberg were a total fail, and I ended-up using “Page Builder by SiteOrigin” as a lighter-weight Divi alternative. Gutenberg has got a looonnngggg way to go before it has any chance of being a viable and competitive page builder… if ever. Please don’t force this buggy beta upon the WordPress community. Listen to LZL0 and the hundreds of passionate WP users who are trying to steer you in the right direction. Make it a default Plugin.

    Plugin Author Tammie Lister


    Thanks for taking the time to leave such a considered reply @lchief. Let me see if I can dig a little into some responses for you.

    A lot of research has gone into Gutenberg including observations of how those at enterprise level are using WordPress. This is one strong reason behind maintaining backwards compatibility and having the conditions behind so that loading various parts of Gutenberg is possible (or not loading).

    It’s hard to say about impacting future release schedules. That is something time will tell but personally I don’t see that happening and I suspect we will just see iterations moving forward.

    Right now the route to release isn’t set and that’s something as a project everyone will work on coming up. Thanks for the insights and considered thoughts on how to go forward here.

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