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  • I felt compelled to write this review – my first – because I both love and hate this plugin 😛

    I love being able to set the home page to my profile.

    I love being able to customise the widgets in my profile.

    I hate that it’s taking up the first icon on my profile – it should be tucked away under settings, because it is *settings*… Once I’ve configured it as an end-user, I don’t need to see it again. On smaller screens, and with many other plugins installed, the icon bar starts shrinking and more regularly used icons disappear in to the last ‘overflow’ icon wile the rarely-used My Home icon sits proudly at the start of the icon bar.

    *Please* give an option to tuck it’s UI under the settings icon, this will be a massive, massive improvement IMHO.

    EDIT: If the logic is that the “My Home” icon only shows on my profile in which case putting it first highlights that fact, then by the same logic the “Settings” icon should also be the first icon. It’s not because settings, once set, are rarely edited.

    EDIT #2: And when viewing on a mobile, My Home is rarely the first thing I want to see and it’s taking up valuable screen space.

    Also, it’s a bit weird having widget related UI on both the “My Widgets” and the “My Settings” tabs. It would be better to keep all the widget stuff together on a single “Widgets” tab, and then the home page setting on a “Home Page” tab (remove the “My” as it’s using up too much space IMHO – and it’s inconsistent with everything else, example: it doesn’t say “My Activity” or “My Notifications” etc. it’s implicit that it’s my stuff as it’s on my profile, making the “My” redundant).

    If you could sort those two aspects – move it in to “Settings” and have “Widgets” and “Home Page” tabs without “My” prefix – I’d give it 5 stars easily.

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  • I disagree @localiseorg.

    1. I think you are missing the purpose of this plugin. It should be like a “Dashboard” for your Buddypress users and I want to have it as the first page they see when they login. It will contain dynamic content that your users can configure and would want to take note of if they use the “RSS” and “Comments” widgets of this plugin. You can also add any WordPress or Buddypress widgets you like here like “My Friends” etc. to make a nice control panel for your user – something they would want to see every time they log in – not hidden away behind the settings.

    2. You know you can change the names of the tabs and menu heading to anything you like – look in the plugin’s settings. I use “Home, Widgets, Preferences” – no “My”.

    3. Did you know your users can decide if they want “My Home” or the default “Profile” as their landing page.

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