• I’ve been using this plugin for a little over 2 years on over 50 sites (free and pro). It’s really been an amazing tool, especially the pro version with the ability to prioritize which CSS and HTML blocks are loaded. That is the only downside to the free version honestly. In the free version, using CSS and an HTML for something like the Bootstrap CDN causes the CDN to always load the Bootstrap CSS after causing me to either add !important to everything or using a less convenient solution. My biggest issue with the current update is the change in the stylelint and it is the reason I’m giving this plugin 3 stars. The new rules are too aggressive and are demanding many new conditions on the coding in CSS. I don’t want a linter to force me into what style of CSS I write in. Please set it back or begin to include a setting to configure the stylelint so that if I want to use the prefix for media queries, or not use kebab casing for Ids and classes, I don’t constantly have the editor giving me useless warnings. It really became an issue after having updated multiple sites and now the error is everywhere. I’ve commented out the sections for kebab-casing and changed the rule for the media queries in .js file but the time required to change it on every site, plus the next time there’s an update, I’d end up having to redo it all again. If this can be changed great. If not, I’m going to end up having to find another solution because it’s throwing error messages everywhere now and makes debugging more difficult.

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  • Plugin Author Diana Burduja



    in the plugin’s 4.36 version we’ve added the CSS linting rules as defined in the stylelint-config-standard library, which should enforce the “modern conventions found in the CSS specifications“.

    But I agree that the linting rule for the kebab-style CSS selectors shouldn’t be enforced on a WordPress website, as the CSS ids and classes used on the frontend could’ve been added by the theme or other plugins and they will not necessarily use the kebab style convention for the naming.

    Therefore we’ve removed the linting rule for the kebab-style selectors in the plugin’s 4.36.1 version, which should already be available for updating.

    Alternatively, you can turn off the “Show code warnings and errors in the editor” option on the “WP Admin -> Custom CSS & JS -> Settings” page.

    I apologize for the trouble you’ve had related to the linting rules.

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