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  • This plugin works beautifully and I love it. But I really would like to use the companion plugin “Admin Menus Fixed” to keep the menu from scrolling off the top. Unfortunately this current version doesn’t work with my version of WordPress 4.2.2.

    Two problems: 1) When Admin Menus Fixed is applied, the very top portion of the page slips under the menu and is obscured (particularly bad if the top menu is two lines or more.

    2) When trying to click on a sub-menu item on the first line, the menu item on the second line actually interferes. This is not an issue when “Admin Menus Fixed” is not active, but becomes an issue when it is.

    So my workaround is to do without “Admin Menus Fixed” but now the top menu scrolls off the page unfortunately.

    ALMOST a perfect solution. I hope Ozh’can fix this! Thanks!

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  • Well, Ozh can’t fix this. I can… and did! 🙂 I left a comment to your post in the “Admin Menus Fixed” Reviews. The readme tells the story, so I won’t go into it here. Lots of advancements. I think it’s back to near perfect again. I hope you’ll like it & thanks for your enthusiasm and patience.

    Yaaaahoo! It’s perfect! Thanks for letting me know. I am really excited to have get my menus on top rather than down the side. Soooo much easier! Thank you for making such a helpful plugin available.

    As soon as I hit the send button of my last comment proclaiming Perfection, I found a problem 🙁

    See it here:

    The underlying page is obscured at the top. Since I have two layers of menus, this almost covers up the title at the top of the page. In one of my sites, the menu wraps to 3 levels and the title at top of the page is completely obscured. This is a problem, as I won’t be able to see titles or anything else positioned at the top of any of those pages.

    (Perfection is so elusive!)

    Well, to be fair, take a look at the entries in your menu. You have 11 extra put there by plugins. I set break points to accommodate 3 extra from the standard. There is no way to tell how many plugins a user adds to their WordPress install, which of those add menu entries (not all do) and how many characters those menu entries contain.

    For instance, “Thrive Slideshow” is relatively long, as menu entries go. If I set break points for this many, that are this long, for all users, then there will be a lot of wasted vertical space between the menu and the page title for users who have a far shorter menu.

    Alternatively, you could set Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu to icons-only, which would then fall well with in the current break points but, seeing as how Thrive hasn’t thought far enough to create unique icons for each of their plugins/entries, that isn’t a solution.

    Also, Thrive may have an issue with other menu entries. “Thrive Leads” is stepping on WP-SEO’s entry. Why all of them are not together is a mystery.

    Does Thrive have to put each of those as top-level? Are there huge drop-downs under all of them? Is there any redundancy? Is consolidation an option for them… ‘cuz, wow. One efficient approach to all of this is for Thrive to consider a hierarchical fly-out sub-menu for each of the entries that now load a separate header into the menu; but all under one main header. Problem solved and way more usable.

    In order to develop new code that would accommodate the aggregate length of this many entries, I would have to develop a way to artificially lengthen the menu. Not impossible, I suppose.

    I’m open to ideas but, unless someone can come up with a way to sniff the sheer number of plugins installed that add menu entries AND determine how long each entry is, this is as good as it gets for a universal situation. I could increase the default break point widths but, then, I’d get users wondering why there is so much blank area above the page content way earlier than when the menu wraps.

    There may be a possibility of sensing when the menu has wrapped, and then wrapped again, and then wrapped again, and then wrapped again. It would take adding Javascript or PHP in order to do it. I’ll think on it…

    I do strive to get things as perfect as possible. That’s why I wrote the plugin. 🙂

    BTW, seeing as how “Admin Menus Fixed” is the problem, it may be better to post these in my Support area. Ozh doesn’t write this code; only that of “Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu”.

    I’ll take your word for it about the programming issues…I am no programmer! My additions to the main menu bar have always been like that however…some authors like giving first level status of their plugins. Thrive Themes does that a lot as you note. Have you ever noticed how inconsistent everyone is. Sometimes I flat cannot find where they have tucked the settings for their plugin.

    Is there no way to “dock” the page right under wherever your menu stops wrapping around? My workaround now is that I’ve resorted to deactivating Admin Menus Fixed and leaving Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu activated. So I lose the fixed menu at the top as it scrolls off as I move down the page.But I still greatly enjoy the menu sitting at the top of the page rather than at the side. I just have to hit CTRL-HOME when I want to see it.

    I now understand that this issue may be impossible to cure in a reasonable way, and I accept that. Again, I thank you for creating and supporting these products. I am happily using it to make my WP work a little faster/convenient.

    I just made an edit to my reply. 🙂 It is that of asking Thrive devs to consider consolidating their menu into a hierarchical fly-out sub-menu form and have only one main top-level added to the WordPress menu. If new Thrive plugins are added after an initial set is installed, they are then added to the existing menu as a new fly-out. All in one place, more efficient in many ways.

    OK. In looking further at the image you provided, I recognized that the menu is wrapping at probably a full-width browser window. For the default, I compress the vertical space at the top of the page; as most users’ menus would not wrap when the window is that wide. That your menu is wrapping, where most would not, I relaxed this.

    Just pushed a non-versioned update that should get you at least 90% of your page header back. Probably will be the very tip of Cap letters under the menu, but should be workable. Re-download v1.4 and overwrite the one you have. Then check the alignment.

    That’s a great idea. I will ask the Thrive Themes development to consider bunching their plugins together. They are a very responsive team. I find it a bit irritating how their plugins are strewn all over the menu.

    I just downloaded your non-versioned update and it performs just like you described. The top-of-page “Screen Option” and “Help” buttons are still covered, but I rarely use those, so I am glad to get back the fixed menu again.

    Maybe you’ll figure out a way to fix this other little problem but, as it stands now, I am very happy with these plugins now! Thanks so much!

    If you want to access those, depending upon the wrap condition with having so many menu entries, it may work to simply drag the browser window to be a bit more narrow; thereby triggering a break point, and they’ll show up.

    I’m working on a way to get Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu to only have a background on the menu headers themselves; not on the full screen-width as it is now. When a menu header wraps to the left side, it carries the background with it, leaving the right side of the screen of the second or more menus lines uncovered. The solution so far detrimentally changes the drop-down menus; making them double height. Have yet to do one without the other, so it may not be possible without Ozh’ code being re-written to do it this way from the start.

    In light of all the work we’ve done together, and the successes/insights achieved, do you think you might re-consider your star rating?

    I really do love these plugins. They are huge timesavers for me.

    I’ve rated them with five stars. I can’t go any higher!

    Thanks for providing them as well as your excellent support.

    I really do love these plugins. They are huge timesavers for me.

    I’ve rated them with five stars. I can’t go any higher!

    Thanks for providing them as well as your excellent support.

    Hi Tip.

    Thanks! You’re more than welcome. I wish I could do more. Perhaps in the not too distant future…

    But, you posted both on this plugin’s Reviews (Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu) and Admin Menus Fixed Reviews. The one I’m interested in is the latter. 🙂 It’s still at three stars.

    Apparently, some time back, the Repository wiped all of the history that we plugin developers had built up over the years and now three’s only very recent Ratings and Compatibility data. So, I now only have the two ratings to compute the average.

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