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  • You don’t need to post CSS. We can see it from your site.

    Everything in your design floats left, so it does just that – floats over to the left, leaving any blank space on the right. The amount of space that’s left, of course, depends on the size of the viewport.

    Unfortunately, your HTML has innumerable errors in it:

    For instance, in the first reported error you have:

        <p>To understand 'Kashmiriyat' and the Kashmir issue...

    So you are trying to nest <p> elements, which is not allowed.

    This number of errors makes it very hard to get CSS to work reliably. Therefore I think you should correct you HTML first. Once that’s done, if you explain to us where you would like to see your content located, we’ll see what we can do to help.



    Hi, Thanks peredur for your prompt and well-researched reply!
    I have gone through the Error-details given out by the HTML Validator — most of these pertain to the Javascript that I took off the Internet (as is where is — no support provided).

    Some of these errors concern the files that came with the WordPress Theme itself — that also came from the Net as unsupported open source.

    Apparently, with my beginner’s expertise in Java & PHP I shouldn’t be playing around with the aforesaid codes.

    Only a few errors pertained to what I had deliberately added to my Posts, e.g. the <p> tags — that were successfully experimented to create double-space between paragraphs (this Theme gives only single space, deapite trying 3 carriage-returns). As per your advice, I have now removed these tags.

    However, the white space to the right of the webpage persists in IE8 –although it is not there when I open the same webpage in Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla or Safari. Kindly advise, asap. Thanks in advance!

    May I add that there is no blank or white space when I open the same theme at the following website, please, even in IE8:

    Could it be caused by the calendar?

    Further to above issue:
    Even in localhost and with brolmo calendar there is no blank space to the right of the webpage in IE8, too.

    I have deleted all the Temporary Internet Files from my pc, yet the problem persists.

    On line 15 css (div#wrap) change the margin from 0px to margin: 0 auto;.
    This will center the site. you also need to center your menu.

    Thanks, shirazdrum!
    I have modified div#wrap, and the page now centres.
    I have also adjusted the nav-list (menu) accordingly, yet the blank space to the right of the webpage remains!

    After a lot of experiments (including the suggestions made by peredur and shirazdrum above) I finally succeeded in removing the blank space through the following modifications:

    i) Restored the .css file back to original.

    ii) Added/Modified the following:

    In div #subtitle, added the following:

    And in #header h1, modified only the value (i.e. from 90 to 100):

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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