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  • Hey
    I have 2 sites……
    I want to implement wordpress into them…
    These sites are made using tables…..
    I’m wondering what’d be the quickest way to implement wordpress easily?
    Is there any easy way to make CSS designs?
    Does dreamweaver allow this?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I don’t know about DW, but if you could give us a link, I’m sure help would follow !

    I have the same problem. My site is already running with B2, which I made using tables, and just copy/pasting the php tags.
    I know very few of CSSs and i make my site in DW. Is there a easier way to customize my layout? Is there an index.php for WordPress without CSS, just the tags?
    Here is my site

    Mark (podz)


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    That site – with my lack of CSS layout issues notwithstanding – looks perfect for Trident. Just a few tweaks maybe … Root ?

    Trident and Gemini looks great, and I’m trying to design my weblog with them, but a just php tags file would be a lot more helpful for that who doesn’t know anything of CSS like me. That would allow us to use tables.
    Just as example, I’m using Gemini to set a weblog for a friend of mine. I’ ve spent about 10 hours on it by now, and it isn’t like I want yet. I am sure I could do the same layout using tables in no more than an hour.

    The file wp.php is the closest you are going to get to a raw wp interface. If you havent seen it check it out. It is in the install.

    Thanks Root! I just had a quick look at this wp.php. I think this is what I need. cheers.

    so wp.php would be the best way for me to implement my news into this design?
    (its for a friend btw 😉 )

    That file must be one of the least known parts of WP. It is very handy for a lot of folks who want to do fancy layouts to integrate with other templates.

    karenjg, it seems we are sharing the same problem. I understand what you mean, and I like CSS for customizing texts and colours. However, if you aren’t a CSS guru, it’s impossible set in your site the layout you want. That’s why I’d rather tables. I use lots of images on my site and I always changing the positioning of them, that’s crazy if i do that with CSS. Makes no sense. But for text and colours CSS rules.

    hmm just looked at wp.php
    it seems that i could just include that into my design using a simple php include…
    but then if users click the news title the page with just one story on would be messed up wouldnt it?
    i guess id have to edit wp.php to include my site headers and stuff?



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    If anyone needs some CSS help when starting WP I’ll give it a bash.
    (I’m no great CSS person but I’d love to help people who are starting out)

    If you are not a CSS positioning *guru* you can always try a custom made interface like The Gemini Interface which is an alternative, fixed width, page centred, front end for WP. No CSS positioning is needed.

    yeah, of course i can use a ready template, but i want use mine.
    I understand your passion about CSS guys, but I think it would be better to WORDPRESS if it was the user choice. By now I have no choice, I must use CSS. Free will, just that.

    There is absolutely nothing preventing you from putting your site together any way you want.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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