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  • Not as easy to set up as being promised. Personally I think it´s a nightmare! Support costs 197 USD but often you don´t even get any answer or a solution. Some texts are wrong and can´t be translated. Some of the plus add-ons don´t work together – you even have to code own plugins to get simple things done. So knowledge in PHP is needed. Members who paid by using this plugin loose the services when canceling a recurring payment – although they should have access till the end of the period. Recurring payments don´t work using PayPal in Germany.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Sorry the plugin didn’t work out for you. If you were unsatisfied with our paid support, I hope you requested a refund.

    PMPro is a flexible and sometimes complicated platform. We do recommend having a developer available if you intend to use many plugins together or expect certain functionality. We try to be as up front about that as possible without scaring away the many people who are able to use PMPro out of the box.

    I hope you’re able to find something that suits your needs. Feel free to share here if you do find an alternative that works for you. Be sure to mention more info about your site so others understand the use case you need.

    No, I didn´t request a refund – paid 197 USD for support that didn´t help. It even took more than a week to get PMPro Plus because the purchase on your own website has a problem when the checkbox for the recurring payments is marked. And I really don´t understand why a developer should be available – this is not mentioned before the purchase. That´s really not fair! You offer different add-ons and of cause I expect they work together fine (I´ve only tested 5 out of 62 and this was already very exhausting).

    I had simple requirements:
    – new members that register get a free membership
    – this memberships can be upgraded to Gold (monthly recurring) or Platin (not recurring, for a year)
    – memberships have to be synchronized with user roles
    – pay by wire transfer / PayPal / credit card

    But PMPro can´t do this because:
    – when a member cancels the membership the time that has been paid for gets lost
    – when a membership ends the user gets the user role “subscriber” and has no membership (should get the free one)
    – only two payment services can be used at a time
    – recurring payments don´t work using PayPal
    – many texts can´t be translated because they are not prepared using __() or _e()

    I think my requirements are no rocket science and should be easy to do. But PMPro fails and your support does not offer solutions – have a look at your forum. Some customers cry for help and ask for response several times but nobody answers. For us (your customers) this results in a payment solution that´s really hard to setup and when (hopefully) everything works you have to be scared of the next update because you probably have to test and fix everything again. This does not feel so good…

    A Revenue-Generating Machine with sand in the gears – just my two cents.

    Now, 3 months later, Kimberly Coleman offered some help or a refund – I choosed the refund. For the help it was unfortunately a bit too late after three months. I would have liked to have had better experiences and hope PMPro will get better soon.

    Thank you, that this has taken a good end at least!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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