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  • I am not a developer, but I need to use the beta for the Movable Type API support, as is required for ecto.
    However, I am having serious problems with categories.
    (1) No matter what category I select a category in Ecto, the uploaded post is put in General.
    (2) From within the web interface, putting something in a sub category seems to loose the post. I can only even see the sub categories in the menu if I also select the top-level category for the post. However, when I click on the sub category in the menu, it tells me that there are no posts in that category, even though I see it properly listed in the “edit” window.

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  • It is worse than I thought. Once I move something out of “general” it doesn’t appear at all, even via the permalink. I get this error if I try to view the page by clicking on the title in the “edit” window:
    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.
    Ugh…I know it is beta, but I switched from MT to make my life easier!!!

    OK. I see what happened with the last problem. When updating the categories, I hit “save” instead of publish. Even though the “publish” tag was checked, it changed the status so that it was no longer listed as “published” and so it disappeared. By hitting “publish” instead of “save” I can get things to appear.

    I’m in contact with Adriaan about this issue. I’m working on some bugfixes on the WordPress side to clear this up, and I’ve suggested a workaround that Adriaan can use on the ecto side of things until I get the category bugs hammered out.

    Great. I’m glad to hear that this is being worked on!

    I’ve committed a bunch of fixes for the API category handling. It’s much smarter all around, now. The next nightly built on this date or later will have the changes. Or you can grab xmlrpc.php version 1.38 or higher from CVS, once the anonymous CVS from sourceforge is updated.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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