• I’ve been busy installing this plugin for a cousin and ran into almost all of the problems described below. Part of that was due to using an older WordPress version first in combination with IE 10 (fields not being saved) and part of it was due to bugs / unfinished code. I’ve now fixed quite a bit…

    1/ All fields are now forwarded to PayPal, including Phone number
    2/ ‘Anonmymous’ donations were only present in the config, not actually in the code. I’ve added that option. It will only prevent the name of the donator from appearing in the donation overviews table.
    3/ I have added a ‘free text’ option, eg. to have a personalised message with each donation (“good luck”,”love you guys”,…) which is also included in the donations overview table.
    4/ Changed the progress chart so it’s a bar now
    5/ Fixed some minor coding issues that generated layout problems

    And what I am still planning to do:

    1/ New shortcodes to display the total of ALL sponsorings received and the total of ALL goals
    2/ Option to insert donations that were made offline
    3/ Option to change the currency
    4/ Option to change the language (English and Dutch planned now)

    And what I might do later:
    1/ Integrate the newer Google graph code rather than generated image.
    2/ Add PayPal sandbox mode

    If anyone is interested, let me know. I hope to provide a fixed version quite soon. As this is my very first step into plugin programming (slash fixing) I don’t know what I can officially do with my ‘fixes’. I’ll look into what needs doing to make my changes public.


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  • Is the version here the one with the updates you’ve mentioned in this post?

    Nope, not yet. Will link when it’s finished. Currently working on a nephew’s project for which I have to translate everything and integrate it into another plugin.

    I’m currently in the process of building a fundraiser site using this plugin and encountered a lot of problems, like you described in your post.

    Could you possibly share your code? I did some work myself on the progress bar and fixed some layout bugs in the code (the ‘</p>’ outputted by some of the shorthands for example). Dutch is not a problem by the way, because i’m from the Netherlands.

    Possibly we could use one another’s code and combine the best of both ‘worlds’ 🙂

    Please share your fixes with those of us, who are still looking for help/solutions.


    Still interested here. Any kind of progress, Kayjey?

    If you could provide the two files (mydonate.php and paypal.php) with your progress to date, those of us with a little programming will be able to get our installations working and perhaps fill in any gaps. Would appreciate it!

    Sorry, pregnancy, birth, bosses and clients all came between me and this plugin.

    You can download my version which I’ve localised for three locations here:


    Any feedback / extra inserts are welcomed. I’m hoping to be able to program in localisation as well as some other stuff. Extra’s:

    [wpdescription cid=15]
    Description for the campaign

    Prints a line with a confirmation of the donation

    There is also an extra free text field with an optional motivational line, which is included in the wpdonatorlist shortcode.

    Some coding errors of the original are fixed, like the Paypal country selection and the telephone number (which everybody says can’t be done, but hey…).

    Good luck!



    That’s amazing Kayjey thanks!

    Few things just to let you know in the GBP edition you have the NL donate button.

    Also I go to edit campaigns and add new campaigns but it won’t save, same with the redirection URL in general settings, any ideas?

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