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  • Hello all

    I have just set up a new blog at and still trying to find my feet with WordPress a little (have used Blogger in the past). So, apologies if some of my questions are a little basic, but hopefully some of you can help with any or all of the following:

    In no particular order:

    1. Categories appear to be listed alphabetically – can I override this?

    2. Where it says “Filed under…” and then lists a number of categories, it appears to list the categories in the order that I added them. I’d rather control this also… can I?

    3. I am currently using the ‘red train’ theme (although will probably change at some time)… am I compelled to leave in the link at the bottom of the page to the theme author or is that something that can be removed?

    4. Images appear to be re-sized to 128 wide when I upload them. Can I prevent this so the image sizes that I upload are retained?

    5. What do you think of what I have so far… what could I improve?

    Many thanks,


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  • Here are pointers to where you can find out more information about your queries:


    2. Not unless you wish to custom program something, I believe there is not really much control over this right now, but I might be wrong

    3. Refer to where you downloaded the theme from, authors normally leave a note about if they wish to credited on all sites using their theme. If you find no such information, its safe to assume that you do not have to leave that information there. Most of the themes are released under GPL licensing I believe, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you remove that but keep the referrence to the author in the files themselves. If you still have doubts, contact the author and clarify.

    4. Image re-sizing is being discussed in another thread on the forums, please check there.

    5. Looks pretty neat. Personally I am not too much of a fan of dark red so much, but the contrast works pretty good I think.

    Hope that helps. If you need more information, post back.

    Thanks for all those answers, skulled… looking into it all now.

    6. A new question! 😉

    I would automatically like to put 10 hspace, 10vspace and a border on all images. Is this something I can do automatically rather than edit the HTML on each instance?

    Thanks again,


    Use CSS, give them a border and margin or padding 🙂

    I can’t seem to find the link re: image re-sizing. Please could someone point me to it?



    Sorry, another question… I shall have a lot of categories for my blog (over 200) – is there a way I can make the sub-cats not appear in the category menu?


    Take a look here:

    Basically what you do is, in your theme, add an additional arguments to the wp_list_cats() function children=0

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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