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  • If you’re creating a brand new forum from scratch, and have the time to build your plugins incrementally (like avatars, PMs, etc) as your user list grows, this could work.

    If you have a client that has had a phpBB2 since 2004 and wants to keep the years’ worth of archived conversations, upgrade the forum software and improve the WordPress site, then this isn’t going to work.

    My solution for now is to keep a separate forum with a WordPress site and duplicate login info (for protected content in WP and in phpBB3). I tried dozens of times to import the large and involved phpbb3 database using the internal converter (including the current bbPress beta version) and it always hangs up “converting topics 100 – 199”. Users got imported, some topic titles made it, but it never finished. And even with the repair tools the posts that did make the import were never organized correctly.

    Another option worthy of exploring is WP-United. I’ve had better luck integrating the current forum with WP with that plugin. Now I just have to force it to function with WP eMember and we’ll really be in business.

    Hope springs eternal and I’ll be watching to see how bbPress develops, but today is not the day to meet my client’s upgrade needs.

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  • Forget about bbPress. We have installed Vanilla Forum instead. We had a bbPress1.xx version and had been sourcing a way to upgrade for over two months, watching the forums of many popular forum softwares. None give any support whatsoever. Out of the blues, we found Vanilla. The export/import function was a breeze. The only problem was that u can’t do anything with the user passwords. We solved the problem by issuing a new password for every user. This was also built in. Another problem is the tag relationship. We are still inputting them manually. For that we really hate bbPress. They could have made a seamless upgrade for their own users. Why is Vanilla able to do it and not others? I think they are all simply too arrogant to try to make theirs better. To us script-illiterates, you guys are simply irrelevant now.

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    bbPress Team

    @sdocpublishing Sorry you did not have much luck trying to import your phpBb forum, if you drop a post on I will be more than happy to take a look at your issues.

    I am quite confident I have the vast majority of the import problems fixed with bbPress 2.3 beta 2 and it should be right to import pretty much any phpBB forum.



    thanks for the feedback as I’m looking to install a Forum for a client and I’m indecisive about which software to use.

    So far there’s Vanilla & BBPress. Any others you recommend?

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