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  • I work with WP a lot, and I’ve installed and maintained dozens of WP sites. On a new installation, I’m having a problem in which all links generated by WordPress are not working regardless of the permalink settings.

    I have a basic understanding of how the permalink settings function — but I may be missing something.

    When I have the permalink settings on default, the links are structured like this:
    That is turning up a ‘Not Found’ error. When I manually enter ‘index.php?’ before the page_id, it works, and I can find the page at

    If I adjust the permalink settings, I get the same behavior. Thus links formatted as root/%category%/%postname%/ can be found at

    This applies to all links generated by WordPress apart from the index link. My permissions on .htaccess are set at 666, and I have verified that WordPress is succeful at writing to .hataccess. I have several other WP sites with this host, and none of them have this problem — all of them worked right out of the box.

    Can anybody help me with this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  • You didn’t include the index.php within the site URL when you created this blog, did you? Sound slike you may have.

    Dashboard -> Options -> There should be two fields there to check the url. If it’s in there, remove it.

    Hope this helps,

    That wasn’t the case. The URL listed in “WordPress address” & “Blog address” are both marked as the root directory of the domain with no file specified.

    Here’s a link to the About page that I modified by inserting ‘index.php?’ You will notice that none of the othe links function:

    The friend for whom I set this up accessed the WP Admin pannel, and it is possible (though unlikely), that he could have modified something to cause this. I’ve looked over the options, and I don’t see anything obvious.

    The server administrator is out of town right now, but I’ve logged a request with him as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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