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  • the front end seems to be working fine. But on the backend many actions result in a 404 page (not an error page just the blogs 404 page)

    two blogs it is affecting- and

    some of the actions so far:
    inserting an image into a post – when I click on ‘insert’ the frame directs to a 404 page, leaving the page behind it the edit post screen

    saving a draft- immediately goes to a 404 page, and does not save the draft at all. — it is also not saving drafts on its own, my edit post screen is just showing “Saving Draft… Last edited….” and not saving.

    publishing a post- same thing

    —–this is not theme Dependant, or plugin based, I have deactivated all plugins and went to the 20/20 theme and having same problem.

    —– this is happening to all my blogs that I have updated to 3.1.1 – which were all working prior to the upgrade (did the deactivating/theme test on all to double check)

    help!! I can’t publish or save any posts and am freaking out a little lol

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  • I’m having the same problem!
    It happened before I upgraded to 3.1.1! Whats going on??

    Same problem here.

    When I edit a page through the WordPress graphic user interface at

    and then click “Update”, the page refreshes to

    resulting in a 404 error, when it should refresh to

    This didn’t happen before I auto-upgraded to 3.1.1

    My hosting is with JustHost- just in case that is a common denominator…

    Same here. Would it be?

    Same here.

    I’m having this same issue… My hosting is also with JustHost.

    Hey, can any of you change your permalink settings? I get this error when trying to do that too…

    That pretty much indicates that JustHost is likely the source of the problem.

    Now we just need some help in identifying what the problem could be.

    More info:

    This issue happens when I try update or create pages that contain images. If the page has no images, it works fine.

    same here Slompy, can save draft with no images, but not with one…. hmmmmm

    Hey guys, good news. Just spoke with JustHost! Here is the convo:

    Ana: Welcome to Live Chat support, how may I help you?
    Me: Hi there, I’m having a problem with my WordPress installation. It seems to be limited to JustHost
    Me: I keep getting 406 errors when updating posts/pages that contain images
    Me: I know you guys aren’t the ones who support WordPress, but in discussion with other people, it seems that JustHost is the common denominator
    Ana: Please allow me some time to check
    Me: ok, thank you
    Ana: We are aware of the issue, there is some problem with the mod_security function.
    Ana: Our admins are working on the issue, it will be resolved as soon as possible.
    Me: great! thank you very much!
    Ana: You are welcome!!

    thanks so much! I was just logging in to talk to them myself!

    thank goodness it is a host problem and not something I broke this time!

    I should have done this earlier today. I’ve spent hours trying to fix my site. lol

    But one 3 minute convo with their Support was all it took to get the answer. Oh well, at least I know I wasn’t the one who broke it. lol

    I too can publish and update pages without images.

    Awesome work by you Slompy, and by JustHost.

    From JustHost:


    I have disabled mod_rewrite for your domain name. Please clear browser cache and check it.
    Everything should work fine.

    Please let us know if you need more help.
    Thank you.

    Things now work fine.

    Yeah! At least we now know its not our fault!
    My response from justhost was

    “Our system admins are diligently working on it to fix it at the earliest.”

    So I guess, its sit and wait for me.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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