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  • I am having all across my website, to the URL is only 1 page as an example. These issues I believe are all linked, but I cannot figure out a solution to solve this. I have been working with a developer from Automatic to help try and find the root cause and we are still stuck at the moment. These are the issues going on and some steps I have tested to resolve thus far with no solution:

    1. Within this article, there are 3 links to other internal posts following bold subheadings “Read our full blog post on…” following the 3 headers and paragraphs on: Moremi Game Reserve, Gweta, & Kasane” These links were created by simply copy/pasting the URL into the article/post. Normally, the featured image of that URL shows as the picture, however the images are NOT showing up. In this case, the image “×300.jpg” is used for the first link. I think there was a change in my media image size settings, because now it is set to 300×0. I recreated thumbnails of all my images within the database 670×300, and confirmed that image is now on my server. However, the image is not showing up, and when you type in that URL directly for the image, it redirects to the homepage, even though the image exists.

    2. When I click on my Share buttons, I am having issues with all social platforms:

    Facebook Share – I can share an article on facebook, I also can just copy/paste the URL of an article into facebook, and it is the same issue, where no image will appear.

    Pinterest – When I pin an image, and they appear when the pop up occurs to select the board. I choose the board. I then go to Pinterest and when I look directly at the board, the image does not show up, only the Title and Description.

    Twitter – No image appear in tweets, whether sharing or a new tweet and copy/paste a URL.

    3. When I look at my Media Page: MOST of my images show as a box, unable to show the image, and show the Alt Text of the image. In most cases, I can upload the image, enter it into an article, and it works. However, when looking in my media folder, it doesn’t show the image.

    I am completely lost on what to do or why this is occurring. Any thoughts or tips??

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • The only broken image I saw was served up by Photon. Turn off Photon in Jetpack!

    Let your own WordPress serve up the media and see what happens. If the images are there then you’ll probably need to leave photon off for a bit.

    It’s possible that some other parts of Jetpack isn’t working either. You may need to troubleshoot the REST API in your WordPress install.

    Ask the ‘dev’ at Automattic about flushing the Photon CDN if my suspicions are right about that being the cause.

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