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  • In the beginning this program sounds amazing. The interface is slick. The stuff is organized well. I’m like yup. I feel good about this program. Then you take it for a spin, write you first article…it rank s on Google fairly low maybe rank 30-50. So you say awesome progress, 9 optimized articles later…zero results. Squirrl’s keywords are garbage. I picked low competition key words that were not hard to rank an optimized the articles to 90% with 900 to 2000 words. Highly disappointing plugin. Its probably worth separating these things out. They are selling the Jack of all trades master of none. Not worth the 90 dollars I paid. If you look closely at all their marketing, all it does is promote their product or they do walk throughs. They never Address real seo problems.

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  • You sure you know anything about SEO? Squirrly by far surpasses yoast or any of that other basic plugins.

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    Yup. As a matter of fact. I just got a free trial for webtexttool. So I decided let me test my keywords against Squirrly’s because so many of the SEO chatter was that Squirrly uses outdated databases.

    So I took 5 keywords. I put them in both programs and the results were nothing short of amazing. Some keywords that Squirrly says are awesome are in fact terrible.

    The search traffic and rankings are completely wrong! Someone in the Google group had mentioned he tried for a few years and notice they never change.

    Squirrly’s base is very good. There addon’s of keyword search and such as total garbage.

    Disappointed in the program as a whole. Moving on.

    I was about to feel bad after reading your last comment for just purchasing this plugin before I have compared the results in the SEO Research Tool with the results from which are similar. Even more, Squirrly gave me better suggestions and keywords ideas to rank for + the assistant is amazing and give you good suggestions especially for beginners on what to do for the post to rank.

    Now I am confident the plugin is good, especially that it’s faster and much better optimized then yaost and does not put unnecessary load on my backend.

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    Alright my friend then riddle me this:

    Here is an example keyword.

    Keyword: cheap web design service

    Google: 100-1k monthly, comp low

    Squirrly: 9999, good for ranking,

    Webtexttool: N/A, N/A, N/A

    When I confronted Webtexttool about this and asked why there was a variance in the numbers they told me, check moz and ahrefs. Sure enough I did and both provided NO DATA meaning that keyword doesn’t rank. I showed them my Google keyword Planner settings which are set to world wide which is why that keyword was ranking on Google rather than us.

    Squirrly Keyword tool has some problems. I’ve reached out to their team for comment but I haven’t heard anything yet. Either way it seems Squirrly Keyword numbers are not accurate.

    My page ranks number 1 on Google for several terms and I was getting ZERO traffic. Confused, I was scratching my head going, I don’t get it. Squirrly says this is a good key word. I go check Ahref’s or Moz (which by the way is like the holy grail of keywords) and guess what, their numbers are not matching up.

    So you are more than welcome to believe whatever you want to believe. But right not until you can show me data that proves otherwise, I’m not seeing the same results.

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    Which by the way. Just checked Serp and ya…it shows a SEO monthly of 10.

    Here is an screenshot of what Squirrly shows.

    An explanation is needed.

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