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  • So I am helping a friend convert her website to WordPress. I have successfully converted her website into a theme and now I am replacing pages with WordPress pages (in a sub-directory for now). Some of her pages contain quite a bit of content that I am simply replicating by using the code from the original pages.

    My problem is this: She wanted wordpress so that it would be easier for her to edit her pages. (She paid a designer for a website and it looks great but she can’t edit it). But now that I’ve gotten the pages replicated, when she goes to edit the Pages, she’s going to be staring at the edit box filled with a bunch of HTML.

    Is there anything I can do to avoid this? Possible a plugin to store my HTML. I have a HTML Snippets plugin but when I use it, I can’t wrap my brain around how to tell WP/HTML where to put the rest of the page text

    EXAMPLE: ‘[embedit snippet=”index”]

    Where does this text end up?’

    Where “index” contains

    [Too much code for here and no backticks – please see : ]

    Here’s a link to the website:

    I’m trying to create an area for text below the main slideshow.

    The original website:

    I still have more work to do on the site (social icons need to be moved and header needs to be pushed to top, as well as removing Page title and date).

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  • You will need to take alot of teh html out of the post editor and put it directly into the template.

    Then just use the post editor to update certain aspects of the text on the page and you will have to add custom fields for any additional text areas.

    As for images again you can do this with custom fields or if it is just one image you can use the wordpress featured image.

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