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  1. anirudha1988
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ok here is the first problem ..

    I wanted to remove the comments totally from my blog and Add a Link saying "Visit Forum to comment on this topic" i do not even need a thread to be opened in the forum when i post a topic in wordpress .. Just need that Link and a image IF possible.

    I have added this link before comments_template in single.php

    <p class="forum-link">'to discuss this post visit out discussion forums'</p>

    N all it did was this


    click on the link above.

    The comments are still as they were .

    Now what should i do to remove the comments and add a link to the forums?

    Problem 2

    Check my site .. http://www.soccerglobe.net

    U ca see how ugly the sidebar is making it look .. it happens only when i add a second wiedget between PAGES n NOTE . .if i take out the forum plugin it all becomes fine. but i do not want it that way . .the forum link has to be on top.

    N also see on the main page of my site.. next to every topic tittle it says NO COMMENTS .. need to change that into Visit Forums to comment .

    Please i expect assistance on this .. i have cried for help many a times here but my threads have never got a reply! .. something diff this time guys?

  2. anirudha1988
    Posted 8 years ago #

    BUMP! .. Guys PLEASE!

  3. moshu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    From the index.php of your theme remove the line that alls the comments number; it looks something like
    <?php commnets_popup_link.... etc etc ?> - delete that line; or replace it with your own link.

    From the single.php remove the call for the comments template.


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