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  • I’m owner of the premium version.
    I use it a lot, but for building sites, I need sometimes too much time to achieve my desired result.
    I big problem I have with the typography settings: I’m using Blocksy theme and want to use its typography settings, Greenshift does it’s own thing and the settings … I don’t understand them. I want to have responsive sizings, Greenshift doesn’t allow me to use clamp – the settings in GS fpr dynamic typography are very unconvenient.
    Another thing: The Icon list. Why does GS use 16px as a font size for that, and why does it not take the theme settings? And I don’t see any option to configure these settings globally – the presets are very poor. Would like to see settings for buttons etc. I have a lot of work to do with custom CSS to make the size of the text in the icon list the same as the paragraph text … not a good experience, very time consuming.
    And typo settings in pixels is by the way the worst you can do – a failure that many beginners make and which leads to inaccessible sites.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by blubbubb.
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  • Plugin Author wpsoul


    Thank you for your opinion.

    1. Plugin uses typography from theme. So, I don’t understand your words. If you want to use heading styles or text styles – you DON’T need to add any font settings in plugin. Just drop advanced heading block and it will inherit all styles of headings from theme. Drop advanced text block and it will inherit styles of Body from theme

    2. The Icon list – themes have no sizes for Icon lists because there is no such block in themes. Icon list is not equal to regular list and should not be used as regular list (because WordPress has List block for such purpose and you should use it for regular lists)

    3. Of course, there is option to configure global styles. And even more, there is option to make reusable styles for any blocks. Check changelog of plugin

    4. There is global settings in plugin for typography and colors.

    5. All settings in plugin have option to select units. If you don’t need pixels, you can use em,rem,vw and even ch and %

    If you don’t understand something or you have suggestions, it’s better write to support.

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    I faced different things that don’t make it easy when it comes to more complex designs. It’s hard to explain in a few words here in the forum.

    I got a message from support with an offer to refund my license, I appreciate that – that’s very fair and so I decided to rate this plugin with 4 stars (3 stars before). There is no software that is perfect and every software can improve, and that it what I hope that Greenshift also do 😉

    There are a lot of Gutenberg plugins out there, although I face some bugs, Greenshift is still the best Gutenberg suite out there. So I won’t refund my license.

    You’re right: regarding my problems, I will contact the support team.

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    Thank you. By the way, button style and icon color style inheritance from Blocksy was added in latest version. And default size for icons in list was removed.

    Anyway, for the future. If you have suggestions, better to write them on support pages or to support email, especially if you have premium version

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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