lots of custom pages, heavy content styling - how to best setup? (1 post)

  1. theeconomist310
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm new to WP, comfortable with HTML & CSS, and hoping to leverage WP for it's strong backend/plugin structure.

    I want to build a site with lots of uniquely styled static pages and am looking for guidance about how to best implement this.

    Say, for instance I wanted a page with static content like this:

    <div class="intro">
       <h1>Welcome to the site!</h1>
       <h2>It's the best.</h2>
       [embed YouTube vid here]
    <div class="moreContent>
       [some pics added in a ul and arranged in a fancy way]
       <p>Lots of words. You get the point.</p>

    Two possibilities for getting this into wp immediately occur to me:
    1) Write my content as above, paste it into Dashboard>Pages>Add New>Dialogue box. Style in style.css. Maybe even add a custom template to place some widgets where I want them around this content.
    2) More or less add all of my content into a custom template php file. Style in style.css

    Are either of these the most efficient way to go about building this? Any high-level advice is appreciated. I plan to make lots of static content (i.e., not post) pages, so advice now would be really valuable. Thanks!

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