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  • Okay, maybe not neither a plugin nor a hack, but this felt like the right forum anyway…

    I’m converting a big site to WordPress and are reconsidering the database structure, which I intended to more or less port and manage through a plugin. However, I saw a site who solved it bye adding a category for every item (which is relevant for me too) which got me thinking…

    Are there any fallbacks on having thousands of categories? Is it possible to manage it in another way in admin, 4000 categories with checkboxes doesn’t sound good to me.


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  • Afterthought:

    Should I perhaps use a tag-plugin-thingy instead of categories? Can they handle thousands of “tags” and can I display a page per tag that summarizes everything associated with it?

    I’d say tagging sounds the wiser option, 4000 categories sounds like more bother than it’s ever worth. Plus the physical size of the list would be huge. I recommend Ultimate Tag Warrior that lets you tag posts and features things such as tag clouds and as you said, a page per tag that lists all posts that contain that tag. You can check that plugin out at:
    And you can see the plugin in action on my blog:

    Hope that helps 🙂

    I’ve thought a little about that, and it does sound like a good way to go. I’ll conduct som tests.

    A few questions though.

    Will it be easier to maintain thousands (and I do really mean thousands!) of tags wit UTW, than thousands of categories? I mean, shouldn’t the physical size in admin be just as big, or how do I “tag” a post with UTW?

    I’ll do some tests. Thanks!

    OK. I’m interested.

    you mention thousands of categories (4000) – what is your site about, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I presently have 84 cats, but that’s because I run a bookstore and each sub-genre needs its own cat.

    I’d like a category (or something simular, tags perhaps) per movie, and we’re talking thousand. 4000 is just the tip of the iceberg…

    I’m allergic to cats.

    //off topic. Sorry, couldnt resist.

    I can’t help but think WordPress isn’t the best way to build a database of films? I don’t know, I feel a wiki of some sort may work better? I mean purely due to the sheer size of blog you are proposing..
    Anyone else agree/disagree?

    A wiki would work (Mediawiki looks great), but I intend to use WordPress and it would be nice to associate the posts (in WP) with the wiki page. Maybe I should work on an in-between plugin-thingy that connects posts to wiki pages…

    Suggestions and thoughts are appreciated!

    There is a wiki plugin for WordPress somewhere, may be worth a look at?

    Tried one a couple of months ago and it was really stale and buggy, unfortunately.

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