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  • 4 stars because this plugin does offer a lot of functionality. If you are going to use it for something simple, go for it.

    However, as I started using the available features, I’ve run into several bugs. The good news is the developer is quick to respond to bugs and posts in his forum.

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  • Plugin Author awpcp


    Hi Brianna,

    Thanks for taking time to offer feedback. You’ve run into a few bugs, but given the complexity of this plugin and the modules you are using ( which is not one of our more commonly used gateways, I’m not sure your 3-star rating is fair to the overall plugin itself. Since we’ve addressed those bugs in within 2 days, and one other extra fields bug outstanding you’ve filed, can you reconsider your rating here? I would also like to point out that two of your original “bug” reports were actually theme conflicts and user errors. So far, I count 3 bugs–2 against, and one in the extra fields module for import. One other issue outstanding at the moment could be environmental.

    In addition, I challenge you to find a plugin that has responsive support about issues you uncover. The most popular plugins in WordPress frequently ignore their users, but not us.

    AWPCP is installed on thousands of sites and does more than about 90% of plugins in the repository in terms of functionality, so I would kindly ask that you reconsider the review if possible.

    The current outstanding bugs I have are the three you’ve listed along with :

    1. In the dashboard, I can’t add images after deleting them (
    2. “Add Credit” screen is unusable potentially due to a layout bug (
    3. Image import not working (

    I’m pretty sure they are not environmental since I’ve tested them on clean installs of WordPress (with latest version of all plugins) in both Windows and Linux environments (in multiple browsers). I know you are probably still reviewing these. I’ll be more than happy to adjust my review once these items are resolved (if they are indeed bugs).

    Like I said, it is a great plugin but I’ve build dozens of WordPress sites and this amount of bugs is unusual. For the bugs with – I wouldn’t say is uncommon (at least outside of your plugin). Furthermore, since it is a paid plugin, I would expect it to be solid and bug free. Especially since it handles payment.

    Plugin Author awpcp


    The image bug I would still contend is an environmental one–please set up an environment that reproduces this issue so we can take another look at it. We were unable to reproduce this locally.

    Same for the image import scenario.

    For the credit screen, I believe my developer addressed this. Please contact me for the latest AWPCP that I can provide for you to try out. may be common with others, but 90+% of users on AWPCP use PayPal, just FYI.

    Let’s keep review issues here in this thread, and SUPPORT issues in the forum, where they belong.

    Update: All of the bugs that I had run into have been resolved by the plugin author.

    I amend my rating to 4 stars due to the responsiveness of the developer to bug reports and inquiries.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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