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  • Since updating to 2.9.2 I am getting lots of 404s for loadingAnimation.gif file in my logs

    The exact request is:
    GET /wp-admin/wp-includes/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif HTTP/1.1

    and the referer for those request is: (notice the double slash)

    I have been trying to replicate it by adding/editing media to the library and adding/editing posts while watching in Firebug but I could not. Anyone has any idea please what is causing this? Thanks.

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  • I just have this happening again and now I can reliably replicate it.

    Steps to produce (in visual mode):
    – Add a gallery with a couple of images as described in
    – After inserting gallery if one uses “Edit Gallery” then 404 described above occurs. How can I correct this? Thanks



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    Are you using any thickbox plugins? Is thickbox incorporated into your current theme?

    Many thanks for your prompt reply. I have only default plugins Akismet and Hello Dolly, not activated. My Theme is Mystique 2.3.1 by digitalnature



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    Try re-uploading the wp-admin/include/js folder from a fresh download of WordPress.

    I just downloaded and unpacked a fresh zip, but I do not have a wp-admin/include/js folder so I reuploaded


    folders and their contents to replace existing ones on the server. The problem still exists.

    Thanks again. I appreciate you time and help.



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    You’re right – there is no wp-admin/includes/js. I was getting mixed up with the wp-includes folder.

    Try re-uploading the entire wp-admin & wp-includes folders from your fresh download.

    Yes! that seem to have solved it. Thank you very much for your time and wisdom. Live long and prosper.



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    Glad to hear that your problems have now vanished. 🙂

    I am afraid the symptom is back.

    When one first clicks on “Posts”, a request to loadingAnimation.gif is made successfully. Then when “Edit” is clicked (in quick menu under posts title) another request is made, again successfully. Then, (assuming, the post has a gallery) When “Edit Gallery” icon is clicked, a series of requests are made. One of these is to http://domain/wp-admin/wp-includes/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif (notice the wrong path, there is an extra wp-admin) which fails with 404.

    This is definitely a bug in wp-includes/js/thickbox/thickbox.js in the way the relative URL is used, because if one changes the line 9

    var tb_pathToImage = "../wp-includes/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif";


    var tb_pathToImage = "../wp-includes/js/thickbox/dummy.gif";

    Then that last failing request changes to http://domain/wp-admin/wp-includes/js/thickbox/dummy.gif (again notice the request URL), but of course so as the first two originally successful requests since then no such gif exists.

    When in post edit mode ../ is falling into root directory and the call to ../wp-includes/js/thickbox/dummy.gif is successful. When gallery popup is displayed however ../ is insufficient and we are falling into wp-admin, hence the request to wrong URL http://domain/wp-admin/wp-includes/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif

    Finally, changing the line 9 to

    var tb_pathToImage = "../../wp-includes/js/thickbox/loadingAnimation.gif";

    resolves the problem, as well as other requests not breaking, though I don’t understand how or why and I am not sure if this will have other side-effects.



    The above solution did fix the problem for me.

    It could be your server/host. They might be limiting your memory

    I ran across this problem and found that this has been discussed in the WP bug tracking system. There is a suggested solution that plugin developers should follow, and you can easily implement the fix yourself if you know a little PHP. See the thread here: (The fix is in comment #11)

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