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    Whenever I click on any of the 1.categories 2. “previous entries” 3. About 4. and various other spots (but not including the links, which I entered manually), I get a 404 error, saying the link is bad. These links are created automatically, I think, when I set up my wordpress blog. I’m thinking that somehow the links are bad, but I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve tried changing themes, but that may have little to do with the problem and didn’t help anyway.

    I appreciate any comments or help.

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  • You should post a link when asking for site help.

    I’ll go ahead and assume it’s the one in your profile (had time to look). It looks like a mod_rewrite issue. When you set up permalinks did a .htaccess file get written? Can you post the contents of that here? (between backticks to retain formatting)

    Thanks for responding. I wasn’t sure if it was ok to put up a link to the site. It’s I don’t know that a .htaccess file was created; I’ve looked in the past and been unable to find one anywhere, and just looked again. However, I also did not go through a specific process to set up “permalinks.” I’m using WP 2.04, if that says anything useful.

    thanks very much

    Can you test with the default theme? See if you get the same results?

    Yes, I tested with the default theme, plus the Classic theme, plus other themes that I downloaded (I had the same thought, that maybe it had to do with the thems). But it’s the same result no matter what.

    thanks much

    However, I also did not go through a specific process to set up “permalinks.”

    What is selected on your Options:Permalinks page?

    Thanks very much for the help on this. I think you laid your finger on the problem. I went to the Options:Permalinks page and found the second item was checked — not the default setting. Some time ago I had attempted to install a plug in; it said the that the settings on the page had to be seet to something other than default. So I changed it, but then I got a message saying I needed to update the .htaccess file, but could never find it.

    So long story short. Thank you very much. Except for one small problem — which I hope to be able to address myself — this should be resolved now. You’re awesome.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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