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    Working for one week with this plugin:

    – Make use of 2 plugins
    – Tax was not working correctly
    – They don’t test the code, every time they fix something and they need acceess to the live website to fix it.
    – Users can’t see points in default email of Woo, they send for every update of points seperate e-mail
    – Make use of shortcode for thank you page after placed an order. But it only works when the status is ‘done’? But the status is in progress after users has placed an order…

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    Thanks for using our plugin and providing us the feedback.

    In reference to your queries, please note that we’re not sure why you are facing these issues. We have also checked that you are not connected with us and we’re not sure that we have asked for your live site details.

    It would be a great help if you provide us another chance so that we can check and resolve all your issues.

    Our team is available round the clock to help you with all your queries. You can connect with us for all your plugin-related queries.


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    We did have many times chat and e-mail contact:

    Here is what you said after fixing the tax, you made the changes in our plugin on the website. (So if we update the plugin the changes where gone!!). I must ask if you put this changes also in dev plugin and you said we will ask the dev. team for it…

    “We have made the changes in the code of the plugin and also asked the development team to make sure that this same thing is followed in the future updates.”

    And about the issue of the shortcode on the tank you page you wrote:

    “Message will shown only when user will gain or spent some points on his order.
    and make sure order status should be completed.”

    Via Chat you said Shortcodes don’t work in Woocommerce mail template. Only in your own mail temlates.

    I think you can test this issues by your own.

    And working with 2 plugins if very confusing.

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    Hello @amerix
    Thank you for your response.

    In reference to your first point, we have already fixed the issue on your site and you have also confirmed that the issue has been fixed on your site and regarding the update, there is no a single scenario where we have to test and fix this, there are multiple scenarios on which we have to work and our team is already working on them, as soon as we get a proper fix for this, we will implement this in the plugin.

    Regarding the short-code, we have already informed that these short-codes will not work in the woocommerce email templates, this is the default working of the plugin. All our short-codes are for woocommerce standard pages and you can use them on that only.

    Regarding the third query, thank you message will be shown on the thank you page when the order has been completed, that is based on the order statuses, based on the order stage the thank you message will be shown, that is the default working of the plugin. If you want this message should be displayed in any other scenario then it is a specific user request and on the basis of a single user request we cannot make the changes in the entire plugin.

    And, regarding your last query, two plugins are there because there are so many clients that are using our free version and many are using the pro version, we have designed the plugin for every user keeping in mind that what is the best we can do for our clients.

    If you still think, that we have not provided you the required support, please let us know the email through which you have connected with our support, we will check and escalate this on a priority basis.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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