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  • I’m blogging on, after doing that for quite a while with, I switched to MT and around october last year finally to wordpress, which I think rules pretty much – which is why I keep on evangelizing (sp?) it over here.
    I’m trying to make my weblog bilingual, which seems to be pretty hard to do, since I still didn’t find the right way to show that or to put that into categories.

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  • TechGnome



    Nice site…. one thing though, I run a fairly large resolution (1200×1600) and while I don’t run my browser full screen, I do run it pretty wide. The text of your header banner area fell off of the image (as I resiszed, I say it float over the text and resiszed to where I thought it proly should be – looked nice once I did that).

    Uhm, thanks, being only able to run 1024*768, I didn’t really think of that, yet. I thought about putting the header area to a fixed width, but then the grey on the right side would get too obvious for my taste. Well, I’ll keep on messing around with it, anyway, so I’ll find some fix.

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