• Ok this is my first blog and I had my host put it on my server for me. Is there some type of GUI interface I can use to insert my daily blogs. when I type in http://mywebsite.com/wordpress/
    I get a very ugly page with “my weblog”, the date, “hello world”, a calender, links ect.
    when I click on the register or login link it comes back with “page cannot be found”
    I am really lost. can anyone tell me where I go to find the pretty page in the screenshots and how to start posting.
    Or should I just delete wordpress and look for something more simple. Thanks for any help.

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  • skippy



    Check http://mywebsite.com/wordpress/wp-admin/ — that’s where the administrative section should reside. You’ll need your host to give you the admin password they defined, so that you can log in.
    Although, if you can’t register or log in, you may need to ask your host for some specific information about what exactly they did. register.php and login.php should both live in your root WordPress directory.

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