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  • Ok, I’ll be brief. I have a free blog set up with I want to delete it as I’ve now got my own website and so it doesn’t pay to have duplicate sites.

    I tried to log in to delete the blog. I’ve forgotten the username so I used all the emails I own in an attempt to reset the password. None worked.

    I went onto an account recovery form which told me that my blog here does not exist and asked if I had a one instead.

    WordPress are currently not accepting support forms except for paid subscribers.

    I’m not sure what to do next. I’ve tried all the usernames I can think of, I’ve tried all my emails, I cannot get into the account and I cannot contact wordpress. I’ve also searched all my emails for the welcome email I would have received when I set the site up but nothing. The blog is only around 3 months old, if that.

    Please can someone guide me on what to do? How can I get it deleted without having access? How can I contact WordPress?

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  • Hi,

    Have you tried the support forums? You should be able to post your issue there.

    I will do thanks, but I get the impression that I may be told that because it is a free blog, I should be posting on THIS forum!

    I do own other websites that I use wordpress as a template for but I cannot contact wordpress unless I use them as hosts I think. And the recovery form said that my site doesn’t exist and directed me to

    I feel as though I’m running around in circles!

    Sorry to hear that. Did you see this particular post on the Support forums? It seems to resemble your issue: How to delete blog?. Not exactly, but close. If you’re lucky, an Automattic Happiness Engineer might be able to help you too.

    Good luck to you!

    WordPress.ORG cannot do anything about WordPress.COM sites. And clicking on this link
    brings up a functional site — on WordPress.COM. So you DO have a site there — unless it belongs to someone else?

    I know the site exists, I know it’s up and running, that’s the problem! The recovery form said that the site did not exist in their database. Yet it clearly does.

    I will post in the forum too.

    Thanks for replies. Unfortunately without the email used to set it up or the password, I cannot log into this site and so cannot delete it or do anything else with it!

    Okay, just checking… Well, it certainly sounds frustrating and crazy-making! Managing emails and passwords is definitely a challenge these days for lots of people. Hope they get it resolved…

    Ah, you see I cannot post on as I don’t have my username or password.

    I’m getting very dizzy!



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    We cannot help you here. Try contacting support [at]

    Ok thanks, will try that email now.

    Thank you for the email, I’ve tried searching for a contact email for them! Fingers crossed that they receive it and they can help. Thanks for all your speedy replies 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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