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  • Right I have been a colossal idiot. Didn’t make a local backup of my site and when my webhosting company has gone bust it appears I have lost everything.

    In somewhat clutching at straws territory I was wondering if, as I used gears with wordpress if it was possible the files were stored locally somewhere on my machine and if therefore there was any possibility of me recovering them.

    In total despair….

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  • mrmist


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    Using gears would not have maintained all your content I’m afraid.

    Though they have gone under, is there any way to contact them? While they are offline, they may still have live copies of your site, or at least a recent backup. That will only help if you can actually contact them. Then you also have to talk to the right person. If they were a large host they may be getting lots of these same requests.

    You might be able to get to the content with the Wayback machine:

    You will have to re-populate everything, but may get your content back.

    Thanks for the help folks.

    The former proprietor of the webhosting company has suspended everyone’s accounts and fled to Greece, it appears some people are stuggling to recover their domain names.

    The server is up, but I cannot log into my plesk, or via ftp to recover files and the company is uncontactable.

    Oh well my own stupid fault really

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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