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  • I copied the blog to a different server (development). A full backup of all directories plus a backup of all tables + the usual run of replacing the site address in tables.

    Everything works as expected, a copy of the site retained all functionality and posts except that Polylang did not retain its configuration. It looks like if it is freshly installed. Trying to figure out where its config comes from I could not find any tables in DB. Where is it config and why was it lost?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    What is lost? Languages (stored as taxonomies)? Polylang settings (stored as ‘polylang’ option)?

    Hi! Sorry for the delays…

    The option and taxonomies are there:

    mysql> select * from t_options where option_name="polylang";
    | option_id | option_name | option_value | autoload |
    |       199 | polylang    | a:14:{s:7:"browser";i:1;s:7:"rewrite";i:1;s:12:"hide_default";i:0;s:10:"force_lang";i:0;s:13:"redirect_lang";i:0;s:13:"media_support";i:0;s:4:"sync";a:0:{}s:10:"post_types";a:0:{}s:10:"taxonomies";a:0:{}s:7:"domains";a:1:{s:2:"ru";s:0:"";}s:7:"version";s:5:"1.4.1";s:12:"default_lang";s:2:"en";s:7:"widgets";a:6:{s:10:"polylang-2";s:1:"0";s:10:"nav_menu-2";s:2:"en";s:10:"nav_menu-3";s:2:"ru";s:6:"text-2";s:2:"en";s:6:"text-3";s:2:"ru";s:8:"search-2";s:1:"0";}s:9:"nav_menus";a:1:{s:13:"publish-tigra";a:1:{s:7:"primary";a:2:{s:2:"en";i:531;s:2:"ru";i:532;}}}} | yes      |
    mysql> select term_taxonomy_id,term_id,taxonomy,parent,description,count from t_term_taxonomy where taxonomy="language";
    | term_taxonomy_id | term_id | taxonomy | parent | description                                       | count |
    |                2 |       2 | language |      0 | a:2:{s:6:"locale";s:5:"en_US";s:3:"rtl";s:1:"0";} |   165 |
    |                4 |       4 | language |      0 | a:2:{s:6:"locale";s:5:"ru_RU";s:3:"rtl";s:1:"0";} |    94 |

    So the data seems to be there but the site behaves like if polylang was not configured. The polylang settings page also shows an empty list of languages. Any ideas? Could names of the tables be stored somewhere (table prefix has been changed)?


    Plugin Author Chouby


    Polylang now caches some data in a transient. Maybe it’s what interferes.
    Try deleting the ‘_transient_pll_languages_list’ entry in wp_options

    Yes, ok, that helps but only for a single page load. As soon as wordpress is called, that transient is back in the table and polylang is broken again.

    mysql> select * from t_options where option_name="_transient_pll_languages_list";
    | option_id | option_name | option_value | autoload |
    |      3748 | _transient_pll_languages_list | a:2:{i:0;O:12:"PLL_Language":17:{s:7:"term_id";i:2;s:4:"name";s:7:"English";s:4:"slug";s:2:"en";s:10:"term_group";s:2:"10";s:16:"term_taxonomy_id";i:2;s:8:"taxonomy";s:8:"language";s:11:"description";s:5:"en_US";s:6:"parent";s:1:"0";s:5:"count";i:165;s:10:"tl_term_id";i:3;s:19:"tl_term_taxonomy_id";i:3;s:8:"tl_count";i:504;s:6:"locale";R:9;s:6:"is_rtl";s:1:"0";s:5:"mo_id";s:1:"6";s:10:"search_url";s:21:"";s:8:"home_url";s:21:"";}i:1;O:12:"PLL_Language":17:{s:7:"term_id";i:4;s:4:"name";s:14:"Русский";s:4:"slug";s:2:"ru";s:10:"term_group";s:2:"20";s:16:"term_taxonomy_id";i:4;s:8:"taxonomy";s:8:"language";s:11:"description";s:5:"ru_RU";s:6:"parent";s:1:"0";s:5:"count";i:94;s:10:"tl_term_id";i:5;s:19:"tl_term_taxonomy_id";i:5;s:8:"tl_count";i:116;s:6:"locale";R:26;s:6:"is_rtl";s:1:"0";s:5:"mo_id";s:1:"7";s:10:"search_url";s:21:"";s:8:"home_url";s:21:"";}}        | yes      |
    Plugin Author Chouby


    That’s expected that the transient is built again if you delete it.

    Everything looks ok in the data stored. So Polylang should now build the languages list from this data and should be able to display it in the languages table. I don’t understand how something could interfere.

    Maybe yo can try the debug mode to check if there are any errors.

    Yo can replace

    define('WP_DEBUG', false);


    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

    in wp-config.php
    This will log errors to wp-content/debug.log if there are any.

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