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    I’ve been working on my site today (soon to go live) and I noticed that the Slideshows all of sudden have lost responsiveness to screen width. The images no longer shrink proportionally to fit the width of the screen or device. I did upgrade the plugin this morning, so I tried restoring to a version on my local workstation. Still no luck. Any idea why all of sudden I have lost responsive display?? Yes, ENABLE RESPONSIVENESS is selected. This is driving me nuts right about now. Thank you in advance.


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  • Here are the settings I’m using… The slideshow windows reacts responsively with these settings (changes height and width based on screen or device size) BUT the image inside the slideshow is not shrinking to fit the the slideshow windows.. any ideas..?

    Animation settings
    Animation used for transition between slides Fade Default: ‘Fade’
    Number of seconds the slide takes to slide in 1 Default: ‘1’
    Number of seconds the description takes to slide in 0.4 Default: ‘0.4’
    Seconds between changing slides 5 Default: ‘5’
    Display settings
    Number of slides to fit into one slide 1 Default: ‘1’
    Maximum width. When maximum width is 0, maximum width is ignored 0 Default: ‘0’
    Proportional relationship between slideshow’s width and height (width:height) 2.65:1 Default: ‘3:1’
    Fit image into slide (Stretch image) (YES) Yes/No Default: ‘Yes’
    Shrink slideshow’s height when width shrinks (YES) Yes/No Default: ‘No’
    Enable responsiveness (Shrink slideshow’s width when page’s width shrinks) (YES) Yes/No Default: ‘Yes’
    Show title and description (YES) Yes/No Default: ‘Yes’
    Hide description box, pop up when mouse hovers over (YES) Yes/No Default: ‘Yes’

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    Thanks for your very clear explanation and including the site as an example, this has really helped me.

    The reason why the slideshow’s not functioning like it was before, is that I adapted the script to set the image sizes by attribute, instead of CSS value. This improves browser rendering, but breaks your CSS as you define CSS values that declare images to choose their dimensions automatically.

    Version 2.2.6 should fix the plugin for you.

    thank you for the response.. any idea when this update should be available…?? Also, did this just change in the last update? (which I did this morning)?? Curious as it’s been fine up until now. Thanks….

    Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra


    I’m doing the update to the plugin within the next 24 hours, at least as soon as possible.

    Version 2.2.5 is the first version to do it this way, so I’m glad you noticed and reported it right away.

    awesome.. thanks. I’ll keep my eyes open for the update..

    I see you made the update. It’s working again!! Thank you for the prompt attention on this. This plugin is at the core of our site and now it is responsive again!. Thanks Stefan!!

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