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  • Hi all,

    I have been adding/changing various things in my admin files (mainly to add wp_grins). I got the smilies working fine…edited the vars file to I have many more, but I lost the quicktags box that was on the page when you go to write a post. The link “quicktags” that points to is still there, but not the clickable quicktags box. I looked at the edit-form and edit-form-advanced (noteven sure this is where I should be looking) and found where I put in the wp grins code. The quicktags code is right above it so I changed a couple of things and tested, but still can’t get the quicktags box back. The quicktags.js file is in there so I know that isn’t it. Help please?

    Thank you!

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  • I’m having the same problem now, did you get this figured out? I upgraded last week, so I went to quicktags.js to add the wp-grins tag back in, and then all of the quicktags disappeared. I have deleted the wp-grins tag, and still nothing. I even deleted the file and reuploaded the one from the download and still no quicktags.

    I’ve been searching for an answer to this as well. Do you have to just give up the quicktags if you want the clickable smilies?

    Followed those instructions exactly, podz. I still get just the smilies and the link to the WordPress quicktag glossary but my standard quicktags are gone now.

    I just tried and it works.
    Line 585 onwards.
    <script type="text/javascript">edToolbar();</script>
    if (function_exists("wp_grins")) { echo ""; wp_grins(); }
    echo '</div>';

    I copied and pasted that exactly and got now change (I cleared cache and refreshed). I followed the instructions in the link you posted but didn’t do anything else. Am I missing something else? It seems as though I’ve done exactly what is recommended for the coment.php file and the admin-functions.php file. I’ve done nothing to the quicktags.js file though.

    You don’t touch the quicktags.js for smilies to work.
    I’m running 1.5.2 and I don’t use smilies in the admin, but I did what I posted above and now I see them.
    Try a new admin-functions.php file ?

    I just replaced the admin-functions.php file and then changed out only the lines you posted. Smilies come up fine but still no quicktag buttons.

    Even if I deactivate the wp-grins plugin, the quicktag buttons don’t come back. Since being able to shortcut html tags is more uesful than clickable smilies I may have to just eradicate the wp-grins all together if I can’t figure out a way to get both of them there together.

    I finally got mine working again, but I don’t recall how. Did you replace your quicktags with a new one?

    tomm10 – did you have quicktags before ? daft q I know, but you don’t mention it.

    Not a daft question at all. Sort of akin to “Is the computer plugged in?” plenty have made the mistake!

    I did have them before. That’s what’s strange. Somehow it seems that the code required to place the smilies in overrides the quicktags so that the won’t show up even when wp-grins is inactive.

    oriecat, did you mess with the code in the admin-functions.php to get the quicktags back?

    Well, despite my clearing the cache and restarting the browser it appears that the problem is solved after a restart. When I got home and logged on the quicktag icons showed up in my browser window.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

    Yeah, seems like mine sorted of fixed itself like that too. Weird huh? 🙂

    Funny, my work pc still shows it without the quicktags but they’re there at home. I give up. Its black magic 😉

    What browsers ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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