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  • Same here (on multiple different sites). The google API key we use is still good. Is this perhaps related to last months Google map API payment plan changes and if so how can fix? It has been a while since the last upgrade release, any plans in that regard?

    Hello, same problem here….Hope they would fix it soon.

    Same. Pins not showing up on map. google key is right.

    I presume this one is dead now, given no author reply and the loss of map functions. What have other folks bailed to? Pity I did/do really like this plug in, looking at the overnight EU users on one of our sites was quite useful.

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    Plugin Author michelem


    Unfortunately, hosted service to get location from IP is dead and we should update it with a new one but the lack of time prevent us to do this change.

    Is WassUp dead too? May be, but I’m still open to find new collaborators to join this project and try to give a second chance to it.

    The core function of tracking URLs all works still (and is much loved here), but the IP to GEO matching no longer works. The locations this gave were generally pretty good, so I presume it was not built with a freebie database. I cannot commit to collaborator work without approval here, but we have to do some very similar work for one of our in-house products here very soon and that may give the coverage needed. Give me a few day to scan the code and will PM you with questions.

    Plugin Author michelem


    I have a candidate to replace the Geo IP tool, a company contacted me directly to use their tool on WassUp, but never had time to do it.

    Plugin Author michelem


    The idea to use as replacement is to add a setting to store their api key and use that key and their API to get Geo IP data.

    WassUp user should go then to get an API key and save it in WassUp.

    Should be simple (it’s like what we do now with the Google Maps API key), but I really haven’t time to put my hands on it.

    If you could contribute would be great, we have also a Github repository to play with:

    I would even be willing to pay an upgrade fee to get that feature back.

    Truly unique.




    I am willing to pay a fee to keep it going.

    Could the plugin author please eusern or is the project dead ???

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