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  • Hi,
    I added shortcodes for the login form in the page above. Since I couldn’t get the “Lost Password” link to work I also added the password restore shortcode… which of course looks funny.

    For some reason the “Lost Password” link reloads the page the shortcode is in.
    The only thing I can say, and I suspect, is that this page is temporary. Meaning I have a login page being used on the site without Clean Login while I stabilize the Clean Login forms.
    Any idea what might be the issue?

    My setup: WP (fully updated), Wishlist Member and Clean Login.

    Thank you,

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Did you get a resolution to this issue?

    Thread Starter curiousian


    I still haven’t. I tested with a profile I created for myself.
    When I click on lost password I get the email with the link to reset. When I click I’m sent to my account page but logged out. It asks me to log in which is strange since I don’t know my login password.
    Just out of curiosity I entered my email address in the username field, which is my usual username, I left the password field empty and clicked to log in. It did and redirected me to my account page where I could enter a new password.
    The problem of course is that the site behaves as if I were logged out and lets me login without all login information, and does this on a page where it asked me to login after I sent a lost password inquiry. Which makes no sense.
    I’m wondering is it’s not a member plugin setting that might be doing this, but I really can’t tell at first.
    Any idea what might be happening?
    Thank you,

    I’m not sure what is happening here either. I can’t get the password recovery to work so the user has a chance to choose a new password – at the moment, it just logs you straight back in from the reset email. Which is no good. Also, when I create a new user and the email is sent to that user, the link takes you to login, but no credentials are added to the fields, so the user cannot log in. Their only option is to reset password.

    I have this plugin as part of a theme I bought, so have asked them for help. But am waiting still.

    I have found the issue that I was having. I had disabled the PROFILE page with the [clean-login-edit] shortcode, as I didn’t want my clients to be able to change their names and emails. But if you do this, the lost password feature will just log you straight in when actioned, without asking you to reset the password. Make sure you are using all of the appropriate short codes!


    I had issues on one of my WP sites to get lost password to work. After some debugging I discovered the e-mail link to reset password was not correct and pointing to the page containing [clean-login-restore] and not the correct page containing [clean-login-edit]

    I tried to disable and enable ‘Clean Login’ Plug-in and even delete and install, but same result.

    Finally I changed the Permalinks Settings from ‘Default’ to ‘Post name’ and then it all worked fine.

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