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  • attempting to login to xxxxx/wp-admin, after installing whtever WP version was current in November 2012; have proper username but forgot pw I chose– and “lost password” link SAYS it sent a reset emailbut none was received. Am hosted n Dreamhost and they disavow all ability to help manage this.

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  • Reset your password through PHPMyAdmin –

    You can follow other ways described on that page like reset via MySQL CLI or FTP. PHPMyAdmin way is quicker and easier from my personal experience.



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    jmhforums – I’m sorry about that.

    If you’re comfortable in command line, we have a built in tool that can help you out, too.

    Log in via SSH and go to your wordpress directory (/user/yourname/

    Type this:

    wp user list

    That will show you all your users. Make a note of your name, and the ID number along side it. Then type this:

    wp user update 1 --user_pass=123456

    Replace 1 with your user ID.

    That will reset your password.

    PHPmyAdmin method worked, with some handholding. It is NOT simple. 😉

    Was able to discover that the email linked to the login was CORRECT.

    Do folks have theories why an email never was received, any of the five times I clicked on “lost password” and entered the username and received “an email was sent” message?

    VERY curious to find out– and avoid this problem going forward….

    You may be running into our server anti-spam manuevers. Is the email being sent to the same domain as your site? Like if your domain is, is the email going to ?

    nope it’s going to a sep. gmail acct…

    Sorry about the delay, I had a long weekend off.

    Alas, that may be why. It -shouldn’t- be, but it’s possible. Did you check your spam folder? (I’m sure you did, but I’m supposed to ask things that are obvious sometimes)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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