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  • I tested the “lost password” function on the login page for my weblog and couldn’t get it to work. I logged out and then clicked the “lost password” button; when prompted I entered my username and the email in the Authors and Users sub panel; I clicked the “retrieve password” button but WP told me: “Sorry, that user does not seem to exist in our database. Perhaps you have the wrong username or e-mail address? Try again.” Thing is, all the data was correct: I was able to log in using the same username.

    Any ideas what’s wrong?

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    I have a page here that will help if you have access to phpmyadmin:

    Thanks, podz. I can log in okay, so I’ll save your tut for another day when I really screw up.

    No, this is a problem with WP: the lost password retrieve function simply doesn’t recognize registered users. Anyone have an idea why?


    Sorry to keep bumping, but wow you sink fast here…

    Does no one have a clue about why my password retrieve function can’t “see” that a user is registered? I could use help here.


    Moderator James Huff


    Create a new v1.5.1.3 blog, make no modifications, leave the theme at the Default Theme, and do not install any plugins. Can you re-produce the incident?

    fodden – a link to your blog.

    Allow registration. One of us can then register, login, logout, and try the pw thing.

    Many thanks, podz and macmanx, for replying.

    Podz, I’ve allowed registration at

    Macmanx, when I’ve got a moment this week I’ll do as you suggest and let you know the results.

    Thanks again.

    I see what you mean.

    I DO exist or it would not let me login, so a query is going wrong.

    1. Saving the wp-login.php that you have modified, deleting the one on the server then uploading a regular version of the file.
    Does the problem happen then ?
    Is not, it’s your file.

    1. Deleting then re-uploading all the files in /wp-admin and /wp-includes. You must delete first, not overwrite. Save any you have modified but only upload original WP files. Do not use any modified files until you’ve tested.
    Does the problem happen then ?
    If yes …… post back 🙂

    Thanks once again, podz. I’ll do as you suggest and let you (this thread) know.


    I’m having the same issue. I’ve not modified anything outside of the theme and plugin folders (except the .htaccess file). Reset isn’t working. I’ll try PHPmyAdmin to see if that works (looks like it should.)

    Moderator James Huff


    Yo Podz: Your tutorial says one MUST delete “everything” in the wp-content/cache directory afterwards. Seems like there’s an awful lot in there. I didn’t want to take that step, and guess what? It all works perfectly (I changed my password).

    What gives?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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