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  • I tried logging in with my usual password, but I keep getting an error message.
    I tried the thing to retrieve my password about four times. It says the message is successfully sent, but I haven’t gotten ANY message.
    Consequently, I can’t use my blog.
    I have posted the same question twice in the past 10 days, and I’ve gotten no responses.
    What’s going on? Did I piss someone off and now I’m in WordPress limbo?

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  • zaz, if you phpMyAdmin (usually provided by your host) follow podz’ tutorial:

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    Can’t see your other questions, but we don’t have limbo 🙂

    If the email thing doesn’t work, you’ll need to get into your database. Podz has a tutorial here which describes how to do it with phpMyAdmin.

    It’s part of the nature of the forum that at busy periods (and the recent updates to 1.5.1+ have generated a lot of posts), some questions drop off the front page before anyone spots them.

    Some of the volunteers here do work through as many questions as they can, but they are only human.[1]

    [1] Well, as far as I know. You can never be entirely sure on the internet 😉

    EDIT: Must type quicker, beaten to it

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    Thanks, all of you. My previous experience was has been very good, so I was surprised. Good think I haven’t been trying to upgrade.

    I’ll try those links and see if I can figure out what’s wrong. On the email addy, it asks you for it, and seems happy with the one I’m giving it. ;+) But I will check it out.

    Thanks, again. Z

    Well, this is just weird. I finally looked at my webmail (instead of Outlook), and all the messages are there, but the passwords don’t work. And, yes, I used the most recent mail. I even tried the “retrieve password” thing again and did the responses to that, and it still says the password is incorrect.

    Any ideas???
    Thanks, Z

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    If you have phpmyadmin access, reset the password manually by following this tutorial:

    Okay…this is still weird. I used the tutorial (Thanks!) to change the password for the user name I was trying to log in with. It still didn’t like it. Then I used my old admin login and it worked with my old password.
    Anyone got any idea what password I changed??? I’ve kept track of it but I have no idea where I would use it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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